Runaway: The Dream of the Turtle to get DS release

Good news for fans of the humble point-and-click adventure

Runaway: The Dream of the Turtle to get DS release

DS has been home to plenty of old-skool text adventures, like Hotel Dusk: Room 215, Sprung: The Dating Game and Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney. But examples of the traditional point-and-click variety have been in less abundance, especially when you consider how good the DS is for, well, pointing and clicking (or tapping at least).

Here's a step in the right direction, though, with Focus Home Interactive and Spain-based developer Pendulo Studios announcing they'll be bringing the previously PC-only title Runaway: Dream of the Turtle to DS. If you don't know, Dream of the Turtle is the second game in the Runaway series.

On PC, the game received a bit of a lukewarm response, scoring highly for its lovely animated visuals but not so well for its voice acting (it was terrible) and occasionally nonsensical Spanish to English translation. Still, there were some decent puzzles in there, if not quite up there with those found in the revered Broken Sword games.

The point is, with a few easy tweaks, Runaway could be decent on DS.

Putting you in the shoes of Brian Basco and starring numerous characters from the series (such as girlfriend Gina), this is a trek around the world, solving puzzles and mysteries.

The screenshots show the game, as you might expect, utilising the DS touchscreen to display the action, enabling you to interact with the various environments while the top screen deals with your character's inventory.

At the moment, the game only has a confirmed US release date of the second quarter of 2008. Fingers crossed – and poised for some pointing and tapping – that it'll come out here shortly after that.