Rumble Stars Soccer cheats, tips - How to level up and FAST

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Rumble Stars Soccer cheats, tips - How to level up and FAST

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Levelling up is important in any game, but perhaps none more so than Rumble Star Soccer. Or Rumble Star Football, whatever you want to call it I guess.

In this game you’ll be using animals to play football, and sometimes using cannons to shoot at animals. Which doesn’t seem like something that would fly in 2019, but here we are.

Using the tips we lay out here you’ll find out how exactly you can level up in this game and why it’s important. You’ll be climbing leagues and unlocking new Rumblers fast, so read on for the essential info.

How to level up

Rumble Stars Soccer Football

Levelling up Rumble Star Football isn’t as simple as just mashing away online against other players. Although that absolutely will get you into higher leagues.

Actually levelling up your profile however is a bit trickier. The experience for that levelling system is gained exclusively from upgrading your Rumblers by earning cards from chests, and then spending gold on them to upgrade them.

Early on, this can actually be rather convoluted. You can open a few chests quickly and easily, sure, but once you’ve done that, it feels like you get halted from making progress, and it’s very frustrating.

Chests can take hours upon hours to unlock, and if you’re waiting on a 12 hour timer, you’re going to be doing a lot of stagnating. Sure, you can get a couple of chests from victories and getting a certain number of goals, but it’s not enough.

It won’t be long until you turn to the store for more gold and cards, only to discover you’ve blown all your gold, and still need 300 coins to get your next Rumbler to level 5, but you only get like 10 coins from each victory. That feels like a frustrating hill to climb.

And this, my friends, is how the game gets you. Which is why you need these tips to level up quickly and efficiently.

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More cards

You need more cards from chests. The obvious way to do this is to use the shortest chest timers while playing the game, and whacking on longer chest timers if you’re taking a break or going to bed at night to open them efficiently.

You can also complete challenges for a few more cards. One asked me to donate cards to my club, before giving me back the card I donated and a few extra in return.

These rewards are absolutely worthwhile despite the cost.

At any cost

Now it’s time to go to the store. Feel free to use whatever premium currency the game gives you on more coins, because you’ll need them in the long run.

Also if it’ll help you get your characters upgraded, feel free to buy their cards on the store too. In fact, always buy the cheaper cards available, but only buy the more expensive ones if you really use the character.

These will help you get more experience quickly.

Oh, wait, it costs?

That early amount of premium currency you get won’t last long. Especially if you’re frivolous with it.

Avoid using it on chests which open up, but feel free to splash it on more coins. These will become essential, as you might get enough cards to upgrade a Rumbler, and not enough coins to complete the transaction.

If you really want that experience, you need to be smart with the currencies in this game, as they will punish you for spending heavily.

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