[UPDATED] The Respawnables cheats and tips - Full list of EVERY weapon in the game

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[UPDATED] The Respawnables cheats and tips - Full list of EVERY weapon in the game

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There are so many weapons to choose from in The Repsawnables that you'll be forgiven for not knowing which to use, which to prioritise. But that's exactly what we're here for.

We've put together a complete list of all weapons currently in the game, and their in-game statistics.

These aren't detailed stats, but will give you a very good indication of which weapons will deal damage in battle.

Take a look below for every weapon you can get your hands on, complete with stats, in The Respawnables.

The Respawnables
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These rifles are good at multiple ranges and usually have plenty of ammo.

Name Damage Range Accuracy Agility Unlock cost Rent
Rookie Machine Gun 1 2 2 3 None No
Assault Rifle 2 3 3 2 500 cash No
Little Italy 3 2 3 2 40 gold No
Scoped Assault Rifle 2 4 4 2 10000 cash No
Airsoft SMG 1 2 2 4 185 gold No
Guitar Machine Gun 4 3 4 2 365 gold No
Chemrail 4 3 4 2 IAP No
Soaker Assault Rifle 3 3 4 3 30000 cash No
Plasma Machine Gun 2 4 4 2 IAP No
Zap Gun 3 4 4 2 175000 cash No
Cougar Crowe Assault 4 3 3 1 IAP No
Battle Ram 4 4 3 3 IAP No

Even more assault rifles

Name Damage Type Source
Commander Machine G. Energy Bundle
Aristocrat's Wicked R. Bullet Bundle
4S-LT Silenced  Bullet Bundle
4S-LT Bullet Bundle
Rainbow's Prank Bullet Bundle
Barker Machi Ne Gun Energy Event
Morita MK I Rifle Bullet Bundle
IZO-X Bullet Bundle
Aristocrat's Rifle Bullet Event
Assault CCP VI Bullet Bundle
Assault Rifle DU MK 2 Poison Bundle
Paralizer KHR3 Bullet Event
Golden "Rookie" Bullet Prestige
Ultimate Punch Energy Bundle
Assault Rifle Hei MK 1 Fire Bundle
Charged Stun Rifle Energy Bundle
VET 3000 Atom Energy Event
Lucky Rifle Bullet Bundle
Maskaleon Rifle Bullet Event
Incursion Ram Bullet Bundle
Mechanical Claw Thrower Bullet Bundle
Cousar Crowe Assault Bullet IAP
Plasma Machinegun Energy IAP
Veteran Machine Gun Bullet Bundle
Double Barrel Machinegun Bullet Event
RA-KT Assault Rifle Bullet Bundle
Gatling Punch Bullet Event
JP-BEK Bullet Event
Rainbow's End Bullet Bundle
Monkey's Rifle Bullet IAP
SMG Howling Bullet Event
STIG Rifle Bullet Event
Dual Airsoft SMG Bullet Event
Elite Assault Rifle Bullet Bundle
Winter Ghost Rifle Bullet Bundle


Rockets can hurt enemies as well as you, but their damage in undeniable...

Name Damage Range Accuracy Agility Unlock cost Rent
Dragon's Breath Cannon 4 4 3 1 IAP Yes
Bazooka 3 2 1 1 12500 cash No
Grenade Launcher 4 1 2 2 40000 cash No
MIB Noisy Cricket 3 2 4 4 IAP No
Proton Gun 3 3 3 2 IAP No
Howitzer Gun 4 3 3 1 100000 cash No
Plasma Punch 3 2 4 4 150000 cash No
Scoped Rocket Launcher 3 2 1 2 150000 cash No
Wat-ooka 4 4 3 2 500 gold No
Dual Grenade Pistols 3 2 1 4 165000 cash No

Even more unlockable rockets

Name Damage Type Source
Bubble Rifle Water Event
Dual Water Balloner Water Bundle
Bubble Launcher Water IAP
Fluffynator Magic Event
Roboparrot Explosive Event
Le Cocotier Dual Bullet Bundle
Le Cocotier Bullet IAP
Aztec Gauntlet Magic IAP
Harpoon Launcher Bullet Bundle
Steam Thumper Explosive Bundle
Heavy-Medyk MK II Energy IAP
Heavy Grenade Launcher Explosive Event
Mine Launcher Explosive Bundle
Golden Bazooka Explosive Prestige
"The Little Friend" Bullet Event
Energy Stinger Energy Bundle
Fireworks Cart Explosive Event
Flare Gun MK3 Bullet Bundle
Dual Flare Gun Bullet IAP
Clusterstorm Explosive Event
Ghost Cannon Explosive Bundle
Automatic Grenade Launcher Explosive Event
Proton Glove Energy IAP
Air Cannon Explosive Event
Monkey Staff Magic Event
Flare Gun MK2 Bullet Bundle
Rocket Guitar Case Explosive Event
Shockwave Launcher Bullet  IAP
Fire Fist Explosive Bundle
Cold Beam Rifle Energy Bundle
Dual Strike Launcher Bullet Bundle
Thumper Explosive IAP
Flare Gun Bullet Bundle
Stake Launcher Bullet Bundle
Missile Launcher Explosive Bundle


Shotguns are good for players who love to charge into battle, and have a unique method of aiming.

Name Damage Range Accuracy Agility Unlock cost Rent
Shotgun 3 1 1 3 3000 cash No
Blunderbuss 3 1 2 4 85 gold No
Tri Barrel Plasma Rifle 3 1 1 3 IAP No
Double Barrel Shotgun 4 1 1 3 500 gold No
Plasma Shotgun 4 1 1 3 525 gold No

More shotguns

Name Damage Type Source
Vamp-Shotgun Pellet/Zombie Event
Atom-LR MK 1 Pellet Bundle
'Rocky' Shotgun Pellet Event
Barker Shot Gun Energy Bundle
Toxic Shotgun Poison Bundle
Dual Blunderbuss Pellet Bundle
"Rager" Pellet Event
Golden Shotgun Pellet Prestige
Golden Blunderbuss Pellet Prestige
UBGL-Barretti Pellet/Explosive Bundle
Big Kaboom Pellet Event
Parade Shotgun Pellet Bundle
Splasher Shotgun Pellet Bundle
Burial Shotguns Pellet Bundle
Proton Shotgun Energy IAP
Aristocrat's Shotgun Pellet IAP
Hunter Shotgun Pellet IAP
Automatic Shotgun Pellet Event


Pistols make you light on your feet and able to outpace opponents.

Name Damage Range Accuracy Agility Unlock cost Rent
Dual Pistols 3 2 1 4 25000 cash No
Revolver 3 2 4 4 65000 cash No
Dual Soaker Pistols 4 3 1 4 300 gold No
Dual Revolvers 4 2 3 4 600 gold No
Alien Eye Pod 3 4 4 3 IAP No

Wow, so many pistols

Name Damage Type Source
PYS-TL Silenced Bullet Bundle
PYS-TL Bullet Bundle
Lord Atarot Handgun Bullet IAP
Dual Pistols Silenced Bullet Event
Thompkin 45 Bullet Event
Dual Golden Pistol Bullet Prestige
'Crafty' Handguns Bullet Bundle
Dark Doctor Handgun Bullet Bundle
Burning Handgun Fire Event
Dual Poison Handgun Poison Bundle
Hand Handgun Bullet Event
Dual Hand Handgun Bullet Event
Dual Vamp-Handguns Bullet Bundle
WPD Pistol Bullet Bundle
Dual Flintlock Pistols Bullet Event
Golden Pistol Bullet Prestige
Stun Blaster Energy Bundle
Dual Stun Blaster Energy Bundle
Hunter Handgun Bullet Bundle
Poison Dart Handgun Poison Bundle
Fire Spitter Fire Bundle
Dark Matter Gun Energy Event
Alien Eye Pistol Energy IAP
Atarot Handgun Bullet Bundle
Night Screech Bullet Event
Dual Blasters Energy IAP
Blaster Energy IAP
Zapper Energy Bundle
Outlaw Revolver Bullet Bundle
Pocket Pistol Bullet Event
Silver Wolf Bullet Bundle
Freedom Revolver Bullet Event
Dual Freedom Revolver Bullet Bundle
Dual Energy Pistols Energy IAP
Toxic Guns Bullet Bundle
Darkness Combo Guns Bullet  Bundle
Haunted Guns Bullet Bundle

Sniper rifles

If aiming and hiding is your thing, there's no better weapons to use.

Name Damage Range Accuracy Agility Unlock cost Rent
Anti Material Sniper 4 4 4 1 30 gold Yes
Sniper Rifle 3 4 4 1 7000 cash No

More Sniper rifles

Name Damage Type Source
Silenced Semi-Automatic S. Bullet IAP
Classy Rifle Bullet Bundle
Golden Sniper Bullet Prestige
Rail Gun Energy Event
Fire Clacker Fire Bundle
Black-Naga Bullet Bundle
DV Carbine Bullet Event
DMR-003 Bullet Bundle
Semi-Automatic Sniper Bullet Event
Hunter Rifle Bullet IAP

Heavy guns

Big man with a big gun. Use these to suppress opponents and make them feel pain and fear.

Name Damage Range Accuracy Agility Unlock cost Rent
Heavy Machine Gun 3 3 1 1 4500 cash No
Siege Cannon 4 3 2 2 500 gold No

Even more heavy guns

Name Damage Type Source
Golden Heavy Machine Bullet Prestige
Aztec Fury Bullet Event
Heavy Maskaleon Bullet Bundle
Heavy-Medyk MK I Bullet Bundle
Heavy Machine Portable Bullet Bundle
Anti-Tank Type-33 Bullet Event
Shield-Wielder Bullet Bundle
Explosive Minigun Explosive Bundle
Incinerator Fire IAP
Heavy Shatterer Pellet Event
Triple Barrel Gatling Bullet Event
Armed Guitar Case Bullet IAP
Minigun Bullet Event


You'll have to aim well, but these will kill enemies quickly.

Name Damage Range Accuracy Agility Unlock cost Rent
Shark-Bow 3 4 2 3 IAP Yes
Bow 3 2 3 4 20 gold No

Even more bows

Name Damage Type Source
Mystic Crossbow Magical Bundle
Falcon Fire Fire Bundle
Ultra-Adder Poison Bundle
Fiber Crossbow Explosive Event
Falling Star Energy Bundle
Healing Crossbow Bullet Event
Incredible Bow Bullet Bundle
Energy Bow Energy Bundle
Booming Bow Explosive Event
Explosive Crossbow Explosive Event
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