EXCLUSIVE Respawnables cheats and tips - Cyber Tarantula event weapon stats

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EXCLUSIVE Respawnables cheats and tips - Cyber Tarantula event weapon stats

Exclusive stats for the newest weapons

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You need to keep on top of the current meta. You need to stay ahead of the game. You need to make sure you're fully prepared for The Respawnables' Cyber Tarantula event.

There's rewards, loot, sales, deals, and brand new guns. And guess what? We've got the exclusive weapon stats for those new shooters, so you can be fully aware of what you're going up against.

You won't find this information anywhere else, so for that and more on the latest event, keep reading below…

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What's this event all about?

There's spiders out there, greasy, metallic beasties from beyond, and they need getting gone.

Using scoped weaponry, you can aim in on spiders found all over the place, and shoot them down for Event Points.

Those Event Points will transform into loot - nice. But of course, the highlight of this event has to be the brand new arsenal.

The Respawnables

What's up for grabs?

There's a bunch of loot for you to get, starting at cash prizes for 30 Event points, going all the way up to exclusive gear for 315 Event points.

All of the rewards combined make participating in the event well worth your time, and there's more to find and use.

You will event get a few exclusive weapons for rent, including the Monkey Staff and the Hunter Handgun.

The Respawnables

Did you say you have weapon stats?

Yep. We have weapon stats for the new guns, the Vamp-Shotgun, Mystic Crossbow, and the ATOM-LR MK 1.

Just take a look below for an exclusive peek at how these guns are balanced in the game…

Weapon VAMP-Shotgun Mystic Crossbow ATOM-LR MK 1
Damage 144 180 60
Rate of Fire 2 1 4
Range 29 86 50
AMMO 4 12 12
Reload time 1.4 3.1 2.3
The Respawnables
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