Reset Generation expanding onto new platforms

Mac, CentOS and Kongregate get to rescue the princess

Reset Generation expanding onto new platforms
| Reset Generation

RedLynx’s N-Gage classic, Reset Generation, is alive and kicking and branching out onto other platforms. Already playable on Windows as well as the Nokia gaming service, it’s emerged on the Reset Generation website that Mac and CentOS (a variant of Linux) support has been added.

As if that wasn’t enough, the game has also been launched on top indie game website Kongregate. The site offers hundreds of thousands of free Java games to play through a web browser.

“We at Nokia are excited to share Reset Generation with Kongregate’s player community,” said the game's creator creator Scott Foe, “and we’re just plain ecstatic to announce that Reset Generation is now playable on Mac OS — welcome back to the playground of your youth!”

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