App Army Assemble: Puff - Flappy Bird meets Downwell

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App Army Assemble: Puff - Flappy Bird meets Downwell
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Puff is possibly best described as Downwell in reverse. You have to navigate a ball up a cavern which is rapidly filling with water, avoiding obstacles and murdering enemies along the way.

Mechanically, it's closer to Flappy Bird though. You're going to be hammering that jump button to keep yourself moving, while occasionally tapping the directional keys to fire your weapon at a variety of nasties.

At review, we thought it was pretty good, giving it a respectable Bronze Award and describing it as: "A clever mix of ideas that might lose its sparkle after a while, but is still worth spending some of your precious time on".

We also asked what our hardened bunch of experts in the App Army thought, and they had this to say.

Andrew Adam

I played this for a while but just couldn't get into it. The music is awesome and I really like the art direction, which is very similar to Downwell.

I love difficult games like Downwell or Flappy Bird, but Puff didn't do it for me. The controls felt a little off and I couldn't seem to do exactly what I wanted.

Aaron Carey

I absolutely love Downwell. It's tight, well paced, and keeps you coming back for more. Flappy Bird is also annoyingly good for wasting some time with. Sadly, Puff is neither of these things.

It feels awkward, is tough to control, and you don't really get much of a sense of progression. Sorry, this one's not for me.

John Newman

I've enjoyed this so far, but I think it's missing a few things. It needs upgrades and more random elements in order to be truly great.

I'm not much of a score chaser, so not having any upgrades or characters to unlock takes away the replay value for me. That being said, I do like it for what it is and have put in around an hour so far.

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Chris James
Chris James
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