#PGConnects: Hands-on with hilariously odd VBIP winner Progress

Twist and shout. And tap. And what does that even mean?

#PGConnects: Hands-on with hilariously odd VBIP winner Progress
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Progress is a deliberately obtuse game. There's a white command written on a black screen, and you need to figure out what it means in order to turn the screen white and move onto the next.

Sometimes it's as simple as swiping from left to right, other times it's like working out a brief riddle, shaking your iPad like a loon, or getting a friend in to help you touch the screen in 11 different places.

It's a game that really grows when more people are around the iPad, shouting out ideas, poking their fingers in, and cackling while a friend wiggles the tablet like they're riding a horse.

So do I do it like this?

The game uses all of the different input possibilities of your iPad. Sometimes you're shouting into the microphone, twisting around to engage the gyroscope, or swirling a finger around to mimic a backwards clock.

And it all feels smart. Each challenge makes you smile, scratch your head, and give a little cackle. It's a bouncy, silly play thing but in the brightest and most intriguing sort of way.

And it's just a suggestion on a screen, a sentence that makes you look at the way your iPad can do things in a new way. It all pops and fizzes and makes you grin from ear to ear.

It might not be the sort of game that you'll play on your own, but with a group of friends, or even strangers, it shows just how your tablet can be used to engage with others in the best possible way.