Go Play: Pro Series Golf swings onto N-Gage

But can it tame the Tiger?

Go Play: Pro Series Golf swings onto N-Gage
| Pro Series Golf

Pro Series Golf is another new N-Gage game that we first saw at E3 2006, but the latest version was on show at Nokia's Go Play event, gearing up for a launch slot later this year.

And it's… it's quite good, actually, although we wonder if it'll have enough to take on Tiger Woods if (well, when) EA Mobile brings its own flagship golf franchise to N-Gage.

The game features four real-world golf courses to play on, as well as two fantasy courses, and six famous golfers to play as. Who? Why, it's Colin Montgomerie, Sergio Garcia, Retief Goosen, K.J. Choi and Annika Sorenstam.

Yes, that's five, but the sixth is top-secret presumably. Or their people haven't signed on the dotted line yet.

Again, connectivity is a big feature, with the ability to go online and play against up to three friends in various tournaments and competitions.

Our playtest at Go Play revealed a game that looks great, opting for a photorealistic visual approach that's reminiscent of venerable PC golf game, Links.

The frame rate was a bit sluggish, and the camera angles confusing, but we're hoping both just show there's a little work still to be done on the game before it comes out – there should be time, certainly.