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Poopdie, Bulbware's dungeon crawler starring PewDiePie, launches early for Android

Coming to iOS on December 12th

Poopdie, Bulbware's dungeon crawler starring PewDiePie, launches early for Android
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Bulbware's Poopdie, the gross-out dungeon crawler starring controversial YouTuber PewDiePie, has launched early onto Google Play. It's set in a world where everyone has somehow forgotten how to fart or defecate, resulting in them becoming hyper-aggressive and often violent. The early launch was first spotted by Android Police

You play as little Poopdie, a worm-like creature who can indeed fart. One day, they grow sick of being beat on and bullied by the bad-tempered bums in their town, and so they opt to head out to find a cure to the world's dreadful affliction.

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While the gameplay and visual style remind me of Ed McMillen's roguelike classic, The Binding of Isaac, Poopdie's aesthetic and sense of humour are a lot sillier, with an intense focus on scatological jokes.

Interestingly, combat is more defensive than anything else, requiring you to mix together various types of food before crapping out a diverse array of unit types. These guys will then do the fighting for you.

Ex-Editor Ric found Poopdie to be a solid dungeon crawler when he previewed it late last year, noting that its story and humour appeared to win over plenty of new fans on the show floor.

Bulbware's previous title, Bulb Boy, was a well-received point-and-clicker with a Burton-like aesthetic and some genuinely tricky puzzles. Emily reviewed it back in 2016, saying "if you like your puzzles obscure and archaic, and your visuals inspired by Burton, Bulb Boy might be the point and click adventure for you".

And so if Poopdie sounds like the poopcrafting adventure for you, you'll find it available for download now over on Google Play. The iOS version will presumably still launch on the original release date of Thursday, December 12th.

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