Mikey Hooks and Polymer are heading to Android in 2014

All thanks to Noodlecake Games

Mikey Hooks and Polymer are heading to Android in 2014
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Noodlecake Games has big plans for 2014. And the Canadian studio has unveiled some of them in a blog post over on its official site.

If you're a fan of Google gaming on the go, then the big news is that Noodlecake is working on five new Android ports to keep your fingers busy.

First up, the Silver Award-winning shape puzzler Polymer, which is from the same dev as the hair-pullingly tough Pivvot.

Then, there's Silver Award-winning platforming duo Mikey Shorts and Mikey Hooks; RocketCat Games's Silver Award-winning dungeon-crawler Mage Gauntlet; and Puzzlebits, which we haven't reviewed.

Punching around the right weight

Punch Quest for Android will be updated, too, to bring it in line with its iOS cousin. Furthermore, there's a bunch of interesting-looking new games heading to Android and iOS in the not-too-distant future.

Chief among them is RocketCat's upcoming follow-up to Mage Gauntlet, Wayward Saga for iOS.

There's no fresh info on the game, sure, but given we've been excited about it since April 2013 (and it was supposed to be out in May), I figured it was worth a mention.

You can find out about the other games in Noodlecake's pipeline and some of the updates it's working on by checking out this post on its site.

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