Will 2018 be Pokémon’s most legendary year yet?

A new chance to catch ‘em all

Will 2018 be Pokémon’s most legendary year yet?
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The Pokémon Company has big plans for the New Year as they unleash some of the series’ most elusive Pokémon on the world. Incredibly rare legendary Pokémon will be making a regular appearance in the 3DS games and the Pokémon mobile titles, so make sure you have those Master Balls at the ready. From February to November, Pokémon Ultra Sun, Ultra Moon, and regular ol’ vanilla Sun and Moon players will receive a free Legendary Pokémon each month. Each of the Legendary event Pokémon will be at least level 60, and come toting a Gold Bottle Cap. Details on how you’ll be able to receive each of these Pokémon are still in the works. Here’s a break down of the monthly Legendary Pokémon you’ll be able to catch:
  • February: Dialga or Palkia (Pokémon Diamond/Pearl)
  • March: Regigigas or Heatran (Pokémon Diamond/Pearl)
  • April: Raikou or Entei (Pokémon Gold/Silver)
  • May: Xerneas or Yveltal (Pokémon X/Y)
  • June: Shiny Zygarde (Pokémon X/Y)
  • July: Tornadus or Thundurus (Pokémon Black/White)
  • August: Groudon or Kyogre (Pokémon Ruby/Sapphire)
  • September: Latios or Latias (Pokémon Ruby/Sapphire)
  • October: Reshiram or Zekrom (Pokémon Black/White)
  • November: Ho-Oh or Lugia (Pokémon Gold/Silver)

Legendary Pokémon will also be wandering the streets in Pokémon GO as well. Right this very minute through February 13, you can team up with others to catch Kyogre. And, if you’re still playing Pokémon Shuffle, you’ll be treated to two new event stages featuring Dialga and Palkia from February 6 - 13.

Will you be adding any of these Legendaries to your team in 2018?

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