Plax is an upcoming iOS arcade survival game that's tough as old nails

But that's what makes it fun

Plax is an upcoming iOS arcade survival game that's tough as old nails
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Multitasking really isn't my forté. I already knew that, but 3Arts Studio reminded me of this fact with its arcade-action game Plax.

It's a loud little number, with bass-heavy soundtracks and boldly coloured backgrounds. The aesthetic fits well with its chaotic gameplay.

It's a combination of Duet and Dual Survivor. You put a finger on the two plax that circle the central blob. That blob is your enemy. As such, it will fire bullets, lasers, and other enemies at your plax for you to dodge.

There are also energy orbs flying in towards the blob that you have to collect. Each orb yields you a point. You can also store five of them inside each plax.

With five orbs in your plax, you can destroy the blob's bullets rather than take damage. There are also enemy plax that hold these orbs. To destroy these enemy plax, you need to hold more orbs than they do when colliding.

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You have to take all of this into consideration as you spin the plax around the blob with your fingers. The longer you last, the faster everything goes. Suffice it to say, things quickly become intense.

Plax's quick-fire action led to me dying pretty quickly, but I feel the pull to have another go every time.

It will be heading to iOS on May 1st. It won't contain any IAPs or ads. It will, however, feature online leaderboards, achievements, and power-ups.

You can find out more information about Plax on its website.

Chris Priestman
Chris Priestman
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