[Update] Pixel People - the complete guide to jobs and professions

How to unlock all 200-odd pixellated people (Updated with Easter update jobs)

[Update] Pixel People - the complete guide to jobs and professions
| Pixel People

Welcome to part two of our comprehensive guide to Chillingo's extraterrestrial gene-splicing freemium hit Pixel People.

Pixel People is all about splicing genes. To unlock all 150 professions, you need to jam two jobs into a test tube and hope a handy new worker pops out.

In this guide, we show you how to unlock every single profession. There are also four special jobs listed at the bottom, which appear as you play through the game.

Oh, and you'll unlock the first building in each list of workplaces when you first splice those genes together. Handy, right?

Check back with Pocket Gamer soon for guides to animals and other general tips. Or see the complete building list right here.

Update (February 14th): Added Romantic special, and Wedding Singer, Jeweller, Chocolatier, Matchmaker, and Dating Advisor jobs.

Update (March 26th): Added all the new jobs and specials introduced in the latest update.
Pixel People Mayor Default Town Hall
Pixel People Mechanic Car Designer + Mechanic Spaceport
Pixel People Engineer Mayor + Mechanic Utopium Mine, Garage
Pixel People Sheriff Mayor + Mayor Sheriff's Office
Pixel People Architect Mayor + Engineer Town Hall, Building Firm
Pixel People Landscaper Assistant + Architect Nursery
Pixel People Deputy Assistant + Sheriff Sheriff's Office, Police Station
Pixel People Gardener Landscaper + Deputy Nursery, Greenhouse
Pixel People Mechanical Engineer Mechanic + Engineer Construction Yard, Grage
Pixel People Botanist Farmer + Farmer Greenhouse, Nursery
Pixel People Park Ranger Sheriff + Landscape Park
Pixel People Firefighter Mechanic + Police Officer Fire Station
Pixel People Farmer Engineer + Gardener Farm, Market
Pixel People Doctor Engineer + Nurse Clinic, Hospital, Gene Pool
Pixel People Nurse Homemaker + Gardener Clinic, Homemaker, Hospital
Pixel People Police Officer Sheriff + Sheriff Police Station, Bank, Court
Pixel People Vet Park Ranger + Doctor Animal Shelter
Pixel People Homemaker Farmer + Gardener Market, Farm, Greenhouse
Pixel People Zoologist Botanist + Vet Research Facility, Animal Shelter, Aquarium
Pixel People Plumber Engineer + Assistant Central Square
Pixel People Fishmonger Farmer + Plumber Lake, Market
Pixel People Animal Trainer Sheriff + Vet Animal Shelter
Pixel People Milkmonger Farmer + Animal Trainer Market
Pixel People Artist Architect + Dreamer Gallery, Arcade
Pixel People Photographer Mechanic + Artist Photo Studio, Wedding Planner, Gallery
Pixel People Dentist Doctor + Artist Dentist's Office
Pixel People Radiologist Doctor + Photographer Hospital, Dentist's Office
Pixel People Cook Homemaker + Fishmonger Fast Food, Diner
Pixel People Chef Artist + Cook Restaurant
Pixel People Zookeeper Animal Trainer + Park Ranger Park
Pixel People Construction Worker Mechanical Engineer + Deputy Construction Yard
Pixel People Car Designer Mechanical Engineer + Artist Garage
Pixel People Athelete Construction Worker + Farmer Stadium
Pixel People Greengrocer Farmer + Salesman Farmer's Market, Ninja HQ
Pixel People Interior Designer Architect + Artist Gallery
Pixel People Olympic Swimmer Athlete + Fishmonger Swimming Pool
Pixel People Painter Artist + Construction Worker Construction Yard
Pixel People Hotel Manager Homemaker + Salesman Hotel Utopia, Spa
Pixel People Valet Car Designer + Hotel Manager Hotel Utopia, Theatre
Pixel People Pilot Valet + Mechanic Airport
Pixel People Flight Attendant Pilot + Waiter Airport
Pixel People Aerospace Engineer Mechanical Engineer + Pilot Observatory, Space Admin
Pixel People Art Dealer Artist + Salesman Gallery
Pixel People Industrialist Salesman + Salesman Enterprise
Pixel People Jockey Animal Trainer + Valet Stable
Pixel People Marine Biologist Vet + Olympic Swimmer Aquarium
Pixel People Real Estate Agent Architect + Salesman Building Firm
Pixel People Soldier Police Officer + Explorer Bunker
Pixel People Waiter Cook + Assistant Diner, Restaurant
Pixel People Philosopher Dreamer + Dreamer University
Pixel People Detective Police Officer + Philosopher Police Station, Forensic Lab, Law Firm
Pixel People Lawyer Sheriff + Salesman Law Firm, Court, Publishing House
Pixel People Marine Soldier + Olympic Swimmer Bunker
Pixel People Judge Lawyer + Sheriff Courthouse
Pixel People Secretary Mayor + Deputy Bank, Enterprise, Financial Center
Pixel People Writer Secretary + Dreamer TV Station, Cafe, Publishing House
Pixel People Poet Writer + Dreamer Cafe, Art Gallery, Library
Pixel People Paramedic Police Officer + Doctor Fire Station
Pixel People Lifeguard Olympic Swimmer + Paramedic Swimming Pool
Pixel People Model Photographer + Lifeguard Fashion Studio, Photo Studio
Pixel People Swimsuit Model Model + Olympic Swimmer Fashion Studio, Swimming Pool
Pixel People Reporter Detective + Writer News Agency, TV Station
Pixel People Ballet Dancer Athlete + Artist Dance Studio
Pixel People Martial Artist Ballet Dancer + Soldier Dojo
Pixel People Sushi Chef Chef + Martial Artist Sushi Bar
Pixel People Food Critic Cook + Reporter News Bureau
Pixel People Actor Director + Model Theatre, Film Studio
Pixel People General Marine + Soldier Bunker
Pixel People Flight Controller Architect + Pilot Airport
Pixel People Calligrapher Writer + Artist Gallery
Pixel People Cameraman Photographer + Mechanic TV Station, Photo Studio
Pixel People Cheerleader Athlete + Ballet Dancer Stadium, Dance Studio
Pixel People Coach Athlete + Athlete Stadium
Pixel People Courier Mailman + Salesman Post Office
Pixel People Director Cameraman + Cameraman Film Studio, Theatre
Pixel People Florist Farmer + Botanist Flower Shop, Nursery, Farmer's Market
Pixel People Grave Digger Farmer + Soldier Funeral Parlor
Pixel People Mailman Reporter + Valet Post Office
Pixel People Miner Grave Digger + Explorer Utopium Mine
Pixel People Cattle Rustler Jockey + Animal Trainer Stable, Stadium
Pixel People Postmaster General Mailman + General Post Office
Pixel People Stunt Double Actor + Martial Artist Film Studio
Pixel People Programmer Mathematician + Engineer IT Services, Arcade
Pixel People Game Designer Programmer + Artist Arcade
Pixel People Mathematician Philosopher + Scientist University, Financial Center, IT Services
Pixel People Scientist Philosopher + Engineer Research Facility, Gene Pool
Pixel People Physicist Scientist + Mathematician University
Pixel People Astronomer Physicist + Dreamer Observatory, Space Admin
Pixel People Astronaut Pilot + Astronomer Space Admin
Pixel People Geneticist Scientist + Doctor Gene Pool
Pixel People Cryptozoologist Zookeeper + Detective Research Facility, Tavern
Pixel People Accountant Secretary + Mathematician Financial Center, Bank, Pharmacy
Pixel People Editor Writer + Writer Publishing House, Library
Pixel People Librarian Writer + Poet Library
Pixel People Historian Philosopher + Librarian Museum, University
Pixel People Archaeologist Historian + Explorer Museum
Pixel People Super Hero Soldier + Geneticist Hero Mansion
Pixel People Atomic Hero Radiologist + General Hero Mansion
Pixel People Ancient Hero Preacher + Weather Reporter Hero Mansion, Astro Church
Pixel People Choreographer Ballet Dancer + Director Dance Studio
Pixel People Pharmacist Doctor + Salesman Pharmacy
Pixel People CSI Detective + Photographer Forensic Lab
Pixel People Forensic Scientist Detective + Scientist Forensic Lab
Pixel People Physiotherapist Athlete + Doctor Spa, Clinic, Arena
Pixel People Coroner Grave Digger + Doctor Funeral Parlor
Pixel People Anti Hero Grave Digger + Super Hero Hero Mansion
Pixel People Wrestler Athlete + Actor Arena
Pixel People Clown Comic + Painter Circus
Pixel People Palaeontologist Archaeologist + Cryptozoologist Museum
Pixel People Geologist Miner + Scientist Observatory
Pixel People Break Dancer Ballet Dancer + Rapper Dance Studio
Pixel People Captain Fishmonger + Sheriff Lake
Pixel People Weather Reporter Reporter + Geologist News Bureau
Pixel People Comic Actor + Poet Bar
Pixel People Disc Jockey Jockey + Choreographer Radio Station, Dance Studio
Pixel People First Mate Captain + Deputy Lake
Pixel People Buccaneer Captain + Explorer Tavern
Pixel People Preacher Philosopher + Dreamer Astro Church
Pixel People Rapper Poet + Disc Jockey Dance Studio
Pixel People Receptionist Secretary + Model Hotel Utopia, Enterprise, Dentist's Office
Pixel People Songwriter Poet + Poet Radio Station, Restaurant
Pixel People Taxidermist Vet + Coroner Park
Pixel People Vocalist Songwriter + Actor Radio Station, Recording Studio, Bar
Pixel People Assistant Mechanic + Mechanic Town Hall, Law Firm
Pixel People Footballer Athlete + Cheerleader Stadium
Pixel People Shepherd Animal Trainer + Milkmonger Stable
Pixel People Winemaker Farmer + Dreamer Farm
Pixel People Baker Cook + Homemaker Central Square
Pixel People Carpenter Shepherd + Homemaker Central Square, Circus
Pixel People Janitor Plumber + Construction Worker Central Square, Diner, Fast Food
Pixel People Ninja Martial Artist + Soldier Ninja HQ, Dojo
Pixel People Referee Coach + Judge Stadium, Arena
Pixel People Secret Agent Ninja + Detective Ninja HQ, Hero Mansion
Pixel People Sensei Martial Artist + Philosopher Dojo
Pixel People Deep Sea Diver Marine Biologist + Explorer Tavern, Aquarium
Pixel People Watchmaker Historian + Mechanic Central Square
Pixel People Time Traveller Watchmaker + Explorer Tavern
Pixel People Tailor Model + Artist Central Square, Fashion Studio, Weddings R Us
Pixel People Ringmaster Animal Trainer + Clown Circus
Pixel People Oracle Philosopher + Preacher Fortune Teller, Astro Church
Pixel People Matador Animal Trainer + Wrestler Circus
Pixel People Magician Accountant + Accountant Circus, School of Magic
Pixel People Bartender Winemaker + Salesman Tavern, Bar
Pixel People Barista Bartender + Waiter Cafe
Pixel People Wizard Magician + Scientist School of Magic
Pixel People Apprentice Wizard + Assistant School of Magic
Pixel People System Admin Programmer + Programmer IT Services
Pixel People Genie Magician + Magician Tavern, Fortune Teller, Circus
Pixel People Wedding Planner Winemaker + Baker Weddings R Us
Pixel People Centaur Mutant + Jockey Altar
Wedding Singer Romantic + Vocalist Weddings R Us
Jeweller Romantic + Miner Weddings R Us
Chocolatier Romantic + Baker Florist
Matchmaker Romantic + Engineer Dating Agency
Dating Advisor Jeweller + Chocolatier Dating Agency
Pixel People Politician Bureaucrat + General Mission Control
Pixel People Civil Servant Bureaucrat + Secretary Mission Control
Pixel People Officer Civil Servant + Assistant Mission Control
Pixel People Insurance Agent Salesman + Bureaucrat Clinic, Hospital
Pixel People Federal Agent Secret Agent + Politician Forensic Lab
Pixel People Conductor Musician + Sheriff Concert Hall
Pixel People Drummer Musician + Watchmaker Bar
Pixel People Bassist Guitarist + Deputy Bar
Pixel People Guitarist Musician + Songwriter Bar
Pixel People Pianist Musician + Programmer Concert Hall
Pixel People Violinist Guitarist + Bassist Concert Hall
Pixel People Gamer Programmer + Sports Star Tech Par
Pixel People Basketballer Sports Star + Greengrocer Recreation Center
Pixel People Baseballer Sports Star + Carpenter Baseball Diamond
Pixel People Soccer Star Sports Star + Actor Recreation Center
Pixel People Tennis Player Sports Star + Sports Star Recreation Center
Pixel People Golfer Sports Star + Bartender Golf Course
Pixel People Caddie Golfer + Philosopher Golf Course
Pixel People Racecar Driver Sports Star + Valet Garage
Pixel People Mascot Caddie + Cheerleader Recreation Center
Pixel People Figure Skater Jack Frost + Ballet Dancer Winter Par
Pixel People Skier Figure Skater + Mountain Climber Winter Par
Pixel People Mountain Climber Jack Frost + Miner Winter Par
Pixel People Ice Fisher Fishmonger + Figure Skater Winter Par
Pixel People Pizza Guy Foodie + Courier Fast Food
Pixel People Sommelier Foodie + Winemaker Restaurant
Pixel People Ice Cream Seller Foodie + Jack Frost Ice Cream Stand, Winter Park, Diner
Pixel People Celebrity Chef Sommelier + Chef Restaurant, Sushi Bar
Pixel People Butler Sommelier + Valet Hero Mansion
Pixel People Cosmetic Surgeon Socialite + Doctor Hospital
Pixel People Cardiologist Cosmetic Surgeon + Romantic Hospital
Pixel People Bouncer Socialite + Bodybuilder Disco
Pixel People Party Animal Socialite + Animal Trainer Disco
Pixel People Gambler Party Animal + Mathematician Casino
Pixel People Croupier Gambler + Valet Casino
Pixel People Investor Gambler + Industrialist Tech Par
Pixel People Bodybuilder Strongman + Mode lGym
Pixel People Gym Instructor Bodybuilder + Guru Gym
Pixel People Sumo Wrestler Bodybuilder + Sushi Chef Dojo, Arena
Pixel People Samurai Sumo Wrestler + Soldier Dojo, Sushi Bar
Pixel People Gymnast Gym Instructor + Athlete Gym
Pixel People Boxer Gym Instructor + Martial Artist Arena, Gym
Pixel People Acrobat Gymnast + Ringmaster Casino, Circus
Pixel People Professor Guru + Scientist University
Pixel People Talkshow Host Guru + Actor Broadcast Station
Pixel People News Anchor Talkshow Host + Reporter Broadcast Station
Pixel People Entrepreneur Guru + Programmer Tech Par
Pixel People Travel Agent Tour Guide + Pilot Travel Agency
Pixel People Tour Guide Hitch Hiker + Salesman Travel Agency
Pixel People Cyclist Hitch Hiker + Courier Recreation Center, Gym
Pixel People Skateboard Cyclist + Skier Recreation Center
Pixel People Tree Hugger Hitch Hiker + Guru Flower Shop
Pixel People Star Commander Travel Agent + Astronaut Space Admin
Pixel People Mounted Police Cyclist + Sheriff Sheriff's Office
Pixel People Tourist Tour Guide + Travel Agent Travel Agency
Pixel People Conspiracy Theorist Easter Bunny + Cryptozoologist Secret Hideout
Pixel People Catcher Baseballer + Police Officer Baseball Diamond
Pixel People Statistician Mathematician + Reporter Baseball Diamond
Pixel People Ventriloquist Carpenter + Actor Theatre
Pixel People Masseuse Physiotherapist + Strongman Spa
Pixel People Chemist Scientist + Bartender Chemical Plant
Pixel People Hazmat Chemist + Stunt Double Chemical Plant
Pixel People Investment Banker Salesman + Gambler Hedge Fund
Pixel People Mime Actor + Librarian Carnival
Pixel People Optometrist Astronomer + Doctor Clinic
Pixel People Surfer Skateboarder + Olympic Swimmer Beach House
Pixel People Butcher Cattle Rustler + Cook Fast Food
Pixel People Hockey Player Wrestler + Figure Skater Winter Park
Pixel People Sports Fan Athlete + Statistician Arena
Pixel People Lumberjack Carpenter + Strongman Lumber Mill

Dreamer Special N/A
Salesman Special N/A
Explorer Special N/A
Mutant Special N/A
Romantic Special N/A
Bureaucrat Special N/A
Musician Special N/A
Sports Star Special N/A
Jack Frost Special N/A
Foodie Special N/A
Socialite Special N/A
Strongman Special N/A
Guru Special N/A
Hitch Hiker Special N/A
Easter Bunny Special N/A