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We’re retro crazy and pixel mad for the new features added to Pixel Cup Soccer 16.

Find out what new tricks are in store

We’re retro crazy and pixel mad for the new features added to Pixel Cup Soccer 16.

Join us as we travel back in time to a world forgotten - when days were filled with retro gaming, dodgy football highlight packages, and Tamagotchis.

Unless you can hook up a DeLorean, playing Pixel Cup Soccer 16 is one of the best ways to transport back to the golden days of arcade gaming.

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Pixel Cup Soccer 16 is a classic fast paced arcade game with a twist, offering retro graphics, tons of animations and several gameplay modes – such as single, multiplayer and party.

The game offers up an intoxicating combination of pixel art graphics and retro styled music created by mixing beats and sound effects from classic consoles such as the Commodore 64 and MSX2.

The simple directional controls make this game appeal to the casual gamer as well as the avid footie fan too – but for those of you eager to gain an edge, you can learn to perfect a whole host of skills such as using power shots, precision passing and perfect lobs with the help of the games comprehensive skills guide found within the games Practice Mode.

Alongside the standard usability improvements, bug fixes, and general maintenance Batovi have also treated us to a wide range of exciting new features - providing you with the chance to replay epic goals and flaunt them on Twitter and Facebook.

The recent update hosts a number of exciting new changes for lovers of retro gaming and football fans alike. The games new Challenges offer the chance to play out your fantasy match and rewrite history – as well as create new history with the inclusion of Olympic matches to celebrate the upcoming Games in Rio.

Despite all of the changes the game has still managed to stay true to its retro style, whilst adding some variation to the game play. The hilarious, self-descriptive Game Center achievements, (all 85 of them) will keep you entertained during easy and more challenging games as well.

Pixel Cup Soccer 16 also boasts the added bonus of being a universal purchase - allowing you to play on all your iOS devices. This includes Apple TV compatibility where you can enjoy full screen gameplay using MFI game controllers for a complete “console” experience.

Ditch the latest console and relive the olden days with your old favourite players, and download Pixel Cup Soccer 16 on iOS now [Link].