Surfing pirates come to mobile

Gameloft's Pirates Of The Seven Seas catching a wave near you

Surfing pirates come to mobile

"Avast ye gnarly landlubber dudes! We're going to plunder some rad pieces of eight and then get aerial..."

Okay, so the pirate/surfer crossover speak sounds a bit strange. Yet that hasn't stopped Gameloft from using it as material for its new game, Pirates Of The Seven Seas.

Admittedly, surfing on antique surfboards is just one aspect of this action/adventure: it's not the whole game. You play an IN NO WAY Jack Sparrow-like pirate seeking to make his fortune over the course of eight levels, spread across the jungle, a ship and a pirate town.

You're packing a pistol and a sword to see off the many enemies along the way, while you also have a hook – presumably to slide down ropes while shouting suitably piratical slogans ("I downloaded the new Chemical Brothers album off bitTorrent last night!", or something).

Enemies include zombie pirates, sea monsters and unspecified boss characters, and there's those surfing interludes to add variety, too. It sounds like Prince Of Persia except with less princes and more pirates, which is fine by us. Click 'Track It!' to be sent an alert when we review the game.