Pirates of the Caribbean on PSP

Take in the sea air (by stowing away with this Johnny Depp movie tie-in on a car ferry)

Pirates of the Caribbean on PSP

Whilst we wait in vain for a genre-busting game version of seminal early '90s emo-flick Edward Scissorhands, the cinematic sequel of Johnny Depp's second best film, 2003's Pirates of the Caribbean, is to get a PSP game release.

Indeed, the first details of Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest on PSP have just drifted our way. Based on the upcoming Walt Disney Pictures' film, what we have here (my hearties, and so forth) is a third-person adventure with liberal lashings of swashbuckling, treasure hunting, and, very possibly, lashing.

Playing Depp's alter ego Jack Sparrow on the hunt for booty and any convenient overlaps with the movie's supernatural plot, you'll be able to butt opponents in the head or kick them in the, err, groin, as well as thrash about with swords, hatchets and throwing knives. Alas, there's no word yet as to whether you'll be able to disarm your enemies with a witty aside, but pistols and grenades are on the cards.

You'll also have five pirate ships to choose from, and ten (presumably blood-written, faded and salt-stained) maps to set sail across, whether against the PSP's AI or up to four local players over the ad hoc mode.

One thing that hasn't been detailed is the role of the PSP's 'X' button. We presume, however, that it will mark the spot. Ho ho (ho).

Sorry. At Pocket Gamer, we'll be continuing to work on our pirate gags in advance of Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest's June release date. (Versions will also be available for DS and GBA.)