Party Hard is a tactical 'mass murder simulator' heading to iOS and Android

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Party Hard is a tactical 'mass murder simulator' heading to iOS and Android
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TinyBuild has announced that it will be bringing Pinokl Games's mass murder simulator Party Hard to iOS and Android.

It's a stealth game in which you sneak into semi-procedural environments to murder everyone without being caught.

This means you have to get people alone in a room to stab them. Or you can engineer deaths to look like an accident.

If you get sloppy, you'll have to avoid suspicion by blending in with the scene. As you'll see in the trailer, this may involve dancing in a crowd.

In the game jam version of Party Hard, you can stab, punch, drown, electrocute, and push people to their death.

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It takes place in your neighbours' house where a party is going on too late, and the loud music is keeping you up.

Rather than call the cops you decide to dispatch everyone at the party yourself. So, yeah, this is game for pixel-gore enthusiasts and those who enjoy tactical murder.

It seems the full version of Party Hard will have more environments and more ways to murder, as you'd expect. Check out its website for more information.

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