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Oxenfree, a supernatural horror thriller, is now available on mobile via Netflix Games

Oxenfree, a supernatural horror thriller, is now available on mobile via Netflix Games

Netflix’s gaming roster continues to expand as Night School Studio’s critically-acclaimed narrative-driven title Oxenfree finds itself on the streaming platform. The game originally released in 2016 and was lauded for its signature, realistic dialogue system, captivating storytelling, relatable characters, and great visuals. All of this can be enjoyed by Android and iOS users without any ads or in-app purchases, so long as you have a Netflix subscription.

In Oxenfree, players will assume the role of a bright but rebellious teenager called Alex. He has a stepbrother, Jonas, who he brings to a late-night party on Edwards Island, which is an abandoned military region. Sounds eerie, right? Well, that’s just the start of it.

These teens have their night ruined thanks to their actions because they end up opening a ghostly rift that was on the island. It’s a derelict military zone so definitely something bad went down in the past. And this group has managed to make the threat resurface.

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The story will continue as players explore Edwards Islands by making crucial dialogue choices for Alex. It’s quite a beautiful place but there are lots of horrors waiting, which will reshape everyone’s part and future. Alex has no idea what he’s in for, and neither does he know what happens next, because you, the player control every one of his choices, moulding the story in a particular direction.

Speaking about the launch, Sean Krankel, co-founder and studio director at Night School Studio, said: “Oxenfree is such a special game to so many people and launching on Netflix is a really exciting opportunity for us to introduce Alex’s story to even more people – maybe even someone who never thought they’d love playing a game. As a Netflix games studio, we have the best support to bring Oxenfree: Netflix Edition to a global audience. Our community has requested subtitles in additional languages for a long time and this release of OXENFREE: Netflix Edition truly delivers the best narrative experience for players worldwide in their local language.”

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