Out There dev says the game 'would not make much sense' with IAPs

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Out There dev says the game 'would not make much sense' with IAPs
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Mi-Clos Studio's Out There is a great space-based roguelike game. It's so great, in fact, that we gave it a Gold Award.

But imagine if it, say, were free-to-play and were plagued with IAPs? Would it still be so great?

Our sister site spoke to Mi-Clos's Michael Peiffert, who said that Out There just wouldn't have worked with IAPs.

"The game would not make much sense if we were selling fuel as in-app purchases instead of leaving the player drifting in the void forever," Peiffert said.

Peiffert also revealed that Out There was profitable just three weeks after its initial launch.

He also spoke about the slight conflict between team members during development about whether to include combat in Out There or not.

"I wanted to have some sort of combat during the game," Peiffert said. "But Fibre[Tigre] insisted to leave [combat] out and focus on decision-making and resource management."

FibreTiger penned the story of Out There, and insisted on leaving out combat in order to capture the loneliness they were after.

Head on over to to read the full interview with Peiffert.

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