9 great iOS games you can't play anywhere else

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9 great iOS games you can't play anywhere else
| Oceanhorn

It's long been a proven fact that the 'killer app' sells systems.

While your iPad and iPhone have a lot more uses outside of simply being a gaming device, a lot of gamers will first check out the selection of games when trying to decide which OS to pledge allegiance to.

As ever, Pocket Gamer strives to make these processes much easier for you, which is why I've explored the depths of the App Store offerings to find you 9 great games that you can only play on iOS.

Apologies! The list has now been updated with the new ninth iOS exclusive, Fates Forever.

By Cornfox & Bros.

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Oceanhorn is an action adventure heavily inspired by The Legend of Zelda. It's a tribute to its high quality that almost no one is offended by the extent to which it wears its influences on its green sleeves.

Well, that and the fact that this is likely the only way we'll ever be able to enjoy Nintendo's franchise on iOS, outside of emulators.

By Simogo

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All of Simogo's iOS exclusives should be on this list but, to save space, we've only included one. DEVICE 6 is arguably the pick of the lot.

It's an excellent reinvention of the text adventure and one of the finest puzzlers on the App Store. iOS users are very lucky to have it as an exclusive.

Infinity Blade
By Chair Entertainment Group

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Consider this entry the Infinity Blade franchise as a whole.

This was one of the first apps to challenge console gamers that they couldn't have a similar experience right on their phones.

The visuals are strong in this one and the action is packed right to the brim - not to be missed.

Tiny Wings
By Andreas Illiger

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An original iOS exclusive, Tiny Wings remains one of the best. It's simple, one-touch affair about a bird whose wings are so tiny that it can't achieve actual flight.

Instead, he falls with style.

The visuals and sound are still just as captivating four years later. It's the perfect game to lighten up your morning commute.

Table Tennis Touch
By Yakuto

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Table Tennis Touch came seemingly out of nowhere last year from a developer who no one had heard of before.

We're glad it did.

This is now the definitive iOS table tennis game and a good argument could also be made for it being the best sports game on the App Store.

By Bulkypix

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I would never have guessed that platformers would have found such a natural home on mobile, particularly rock-hard ones such as Penumbear.

Touchscreens aren't particularly synonymous with precision, you see.

Penumbear shakes up the formula by allowing your fluffy hero to walk on shadows and light. He also looks completely adorable in that scarf, doesn't he?

By TheCodingMonkeys

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The App Store is no stranger to a decent puzzler but in Rules! it's got a solid gold chunk of exclusive puzzling gold.

As the name suggests, Rules! gives you a growing set of, well, rules to follow as you reach new levels. Examples of early rules include 'tap only green tiles' or 'tap the numbers in descending order' while a vicious timer counts down.

Rules! is refreshing from a game play perspective. That and its lovely visual aesthetic ensure you keep coming back for more.

Papa Sangre II
By Somethin' Else

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An entirely sound-based adventure, Papa Sangre II isn't for the faint of heart.

The narrator is none other than Sean Bean, famous for dying in pretty much any film he's been in, so that should set you on edge before the game even begins.

Stick in your headphones, dim the lights, and get ready for a unique adventure that can only be found on your iOS device.

Fates Forever
By Hammer & Chisel Inc.

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Though it doesn't share the metal enhanced visuals that Vainglory currently sports, Fates Forever is the MOBA community's go-to mobile MOBA - at least for now.

There's very little between them as things currently stand. They're both excellent examples of free-to-play done right and how to bring a complicated genre to touch.

Have we missed your favourite iOS exclusive off the list? Whoops! Pop it in the comments below.
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