Nonstop Knight 2 cheats, tips - What's new in Nonstop Knight 2?

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Nonstop Knight 2 cheats, tips - What's new in Nonstop Knight 2?

Here's what you'll get used to coming from the original

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Nonstop Knight 2 is finally out, letting players of the original Nonstop Knight give their restless warriors a bit of a rest.

In Nonstop Knight 2, you'll find a lot of familiar features, and a fair few new ones which can drastically change how you'll be playing through the game.

In this guide we'll be giving you the lowdown on the key changes, how the effect you, and how you'll be playing the game from now on.

Even if you've never played the original Nonstop Knight, you'll find some important tips to get you started.

Select your dungeon

Nonstop Knight 2

One of the first key changes in Nonstop Knight 2 is that you'll be selecting your dungeons from a world map from now on, which actually changes how things play out quite a bit.

Previously, the dungeon would never stop. You only leave one dungeon to go directly into the next, with no real rests. But that's fine, it's Nonstop Knight. He's supposed to go non-stop, duh.

So when you'd put down your phone before, you'd come back and find that your knight has continued fighting onwards, and has stacked up a pile of rewards for you to shift through.

There's a similar mechanic here, which stems from the fact you no longer have a clone ability. You'll be able to take companions into certain sections of dungeons. This will make them a lot easier, especially if you bring along a strong team mate.

You will also be hired as a companion by others while you're away, and each time you're hired you'll find some extra gold to come back to when you start the game up.

There are also dungeon sections dedicated to different purposes, such as extra coin drops, crystals, and experience from monsters.

This can change up your strategies as you go into each dungeon segment, whereas before you had the same strategy throughout.

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Mana replaces the cooldowns for moves from the previous game. Before you would use a move, and get a cooldown of several seconds. Here, your move usage depletes a mana bar, which actually allows you to use special moves much more often.

Stronger moves require more mana of course, but this can be remedied by equipping gear with mana buffs, allowing you to use more moves in battle.

This can turn the game into a much more hands-on action game than it previously was.

More equipment

There are way more equipment slots than ever before, and unlike previously, it's not disposable.

Previously you were earning coins and constantly buying and upgrading loot to get through dungeons. Now, loot is found and earned, and it doesn't disappear in other dungeons. Nor does it require constant upgrading.

This is another pretty massive change compared to the previous game, and lines up with our last point. You won't be hands-on with equipment changing and upgrading anymore, you'll be busy with the combat, and can change equipment later.

Companions, not clones

In the previous game, your clone ability was a massive boon. Once you used the ability, a double of yourself would appear and do big damage to enemies for a fairly long period of times.

Clones are now out, and as we mentioned before, companions come in certain dungeon sections instead. This also means that you won't always have a helper.

This is again a big change, and means you'll need to double down on your gear and combat skills in order to get through tougher challenges.

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