iPad 2 by February?

Rumours abound. Again.

iPad 2 by February?

Apple's much anticipated iPad 2 could arrive as early as February next year, if sources from Taiwan-based component manufacturers are to be believed.

According to the sources, mass production of iPad 2 was meant to begin in January. Apple pushed back the production schedule to allow more time for firmware testing, but that wait could soon be over.

The latest word is that Chinese electronics plants have been notified of iPad 2 shipping 'within the next 100 days'.

Initial shipments are estimated to reach 400,000-600,000 units.

The owner of the plants in question, Foxconn Electronics - the firm responsible for the production of just about all of Apple's iPhone, iPod and iPad products, has declined to comment on it's clients. Considering Apple's ever-present shroud of secrecy, this comes as little surprise.