The best Android games this week - Dead End, Chilie, and Joe Dever's Lone Wolf

Spicy zombie wolves

The best Android games this week - Dead End, Chilie, and Joe Dever's Lone Wolf

Every Friday, Pocket Gamer offers hands-on impressions of the week's three best new Android games.

Dead End
By Flying Oak Games - download on Android (free)

A rough-and-ready zombie-squelching endless-runner that sees you driving an old-fashioned car through a scratchy grindhouse world.

You need to ram into the undead to earn extra cash. Doing so, though, sends smears of icky blood squelching across your windscreen, obscuring your view of the obstacles ahead.

The controls are a little old school, mind. And it gets a bit repetitive after a while. Still, there's a neatly paced arcade smash and grab here if that's what you're after.

By Yves Mesnard - download on Android (free)

This is a bit of a strange one. You play a kooky little girl who likes eating chillies in a part-puzzler, part-hidden object, part-bird-scaring adventure.

Using a bunch of buttons you discover as you play, you need to swipe on the screen at the right time and in the right direction, and solve number puzzles before a clock runs out.

It's pretty odd, but in an endearing sort of a way. Oh, and the art style is just gorgeous. This is one that's worth putting a bit of time into.

Joe Dever's Lone Wolf - Act 2: Forest Hunt
By Forge Reply - buy on Android (74p / 99c plus £2.99 / $4.99 IAP)

The second chapter in this impressive gamebook series sees you battling new monsters in a dark forest, picking up the adventure from where you left it in the first chunk.

You'll need the first game to play this second chapter, mind, for it's an IAP rather than a standalone purchase. You can grab a cheap season pass to nab chapters 2, 3, and 4, though.

This mash-up of digital dice rolling and more action-oriented combat still keeps the genre fresh and exciting. Plus, there are some pretty massive beasts to hack up here.