Also out now: Sword of Xolan, Capitals, Earthcore, Flite, more

Brickies, Flite, Shredmill...

Also out now: Sword of Xolan, Capitals, Earthcore, Flite, more
Updated on May 21st, at 9:57: A bunch more games have shown up overnight.

Alongside WayForward puzzler Til Morning's Light and downhill racer Skiing Yeti Mountain, we found this little lot.

Plus, the other games on this list are now available around the world. Let us know what you'll buy, or what we should review, in the comments.

The Top Spot
By Chillingo - Free
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A slightly brain-bending game about tapping on the top most spot, of a bunch of coloured circles. Seeing as the game is in 2D, you'll have to watch them carefully and keep an eye out for overlaps.

By Max Glockling - Free
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A twitchy game about dodging balls in a big washing machine our bouncing death dots. Things quickly turn ugly as loads of obstacles start pinging off the wall and into your mushy face. Super Hexagon fans should check it out.

By Kolibri Studios - £0.79 / $0.99 LOOP

No idea about this game, but you've got to love that Limbo-like art style. The developer says you'll manipulate gravity to collect light bulbs and escape from a bogeyman, over the course of 45 stages.

Empire Building : SettleForge
By Andreas Mank - Free Empire Building : SettleForge

A gorgeous game, that looks to turn a tile-based strategy game into a puzzler. You don't need to wait for a review to grab it - there's a free demo with an in-app purchase inside to unlock the whole thing.

Bad Dinos
By Insomniac Games - £2.29 / $2.99 Bad Dinos

A tower defence game from Insomniac, of Ratchet and Clank fame. I've played this one, and it's pretty good! You get to capture enemy dinosaurs, if they're injured enough, and recruit them for your army. A nice twist on a tired genre. Our review will be here soon.

Sword Of Xolan
By Alper Sarikaya - £0.79 / $0.99
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This looks lovely. Can't beat some amazing pixel art, can you? Check out Peter's hands-on video above for a first look at the game in action.

Earthcore: Shattered Elements - Epic Card Battle Game (TCG)
By Tequila Games - Free
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We've seen this game so many times, now, at some many events that it's hard to believe it's actually out. It's a card battler, with a focus on the elements and the ability to craft your own cards through a creative crafting system. Looks good, and free to get started.

Capitals - Free Word Battle
By NimbleBit - Free Capitals - Free Word Battle

A free tactical word battler, from Nimblebit. Looks good, this one.

Thanks to time zones and spinning planets, we can get an early sneak peek of tonight's new iOS games by poking around the New Zealand App Store. Check the front page for the biggest games, or read on for the best of the rest. Battles of the Ancient World II
By HexWar Games Ltd - £2.29 / $2.99 Battles of the Ancient World II

Fancy an epic strategy game featuring elite Roman Legionaries and Alexander the Great? Here you go, then.

Each of the five scenarios feature a historical battle that took place between 333 B.C. to 60 A.D. The terrain, number of units, and type of units all adhere to historical accuracy, apparently.

By Javed Sterritt - Free Totome

As you run into the woods, you need to dodge incoming arrows by disconnecting and rearranging your totem.

There are new characters to unlock plus it features a soundtrack by Josh Mancell, the original composer of Crash Bandicoot and the Jak & Daxter series.

By Noodlecake Studios Inc - Free
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This is a classic-style brick-breaking game except that it's time-based. This means that you can miss bouncing the ball with the paddle and not meet a Game Over screen.

Instead, you're not allowed to bounce the ball for a few seconds if you miss it. Add lots of energetic power-ups and you have a frantic game on your hands.

By Appsolute Games LLC - Free
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You have to tap to shoot up through a vertical gauntlet full of twisting and spinning abstract shapes. Touching any of them will destroy you immediately. But you'll need to take risks in order to collect the stars you're after.

By Jared Bailey - Free
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You're a stack of papers that refuses to be recycled. It's a one-touch dodger in which you must avoid blades, bounce pads, blocks, and fans. Otherwise you'll meet a paper-shredded doom.

Ice Age Avalanche
By Gameloft - Free Ice Age Avalanche

Match-3 puzzler based on the kid's film series. You can drag fruit in eight directions instead of just four, so that's something different (I guess).

Draggy Dead
By Matthew Wood - £0.79 / $0.99 Draggy Dead

Rob graves and build up a horde of zombies, all the while guiding them to "meat" and around deadly obstacles. You can put hats on your zombies! How whimsical.

AstroTails : Escape the Sun
By MochiBits, Inc. - Free AstroTails : Escape the Sun

Logic puzzler involving cats and other less adorable creatures. Looks like you have to evacuate a planet by pairing animals together who won't fight.