NEVES slots into DS' spring release list

Shape-shifting puzzler now has European release date

NEVES slots into DS' spring release list
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Publisher Ignition Entertainment announced today it has struck a deal with developer Yuke's to release its puzzle game NEVES across Europe sometime in early 2008.

The game, which was first seen last year, is based on the Tangram puzzle (the one with the seven different shapes that are placed next to one another to make all manner of creations such as birds and people).

According to legend (and Wikipedia) this ancient Chinese puzzle possibly originated from a servant of a Chinese emperor dropping an expensive ceramic tile he was carrying then attempting to reassemble the pieces. He never actually managed to recreate a square - instead he created thousands of intricate patterns and pictures.

We can see it now: "Just... need... to... make... square. Dammit - I've made a camel drinking some water again". Still, his misfortune at least resulted in primary school maths teachers having something easy to dish out to their classes to kill a few hours.

And, of course, for Yuke's to make a DS game out of.

NEVES' gameplay revolves around the classic seven shapes and gives the player a series of pictures to create with them - 500 in total. Using the touchscreen, players can slide, flip and rotate pieces using the stylus to find their correct positions. Each puzzle varies in difficulty, from ones that take a minute to others that could have you seeing triangles in your sleep for days on end.

"The feedback we have already received pertaining to NEVES has been fantastic and we are pleased to be working with Yuke's. NEVES is one of those puzzle games that once you start to play it is difficult to put down," said Ajay Chadha, President of Ignition Entertainment's US Operations, probably while trying to work out which end of the swan he's just created is the head. "So few new games within the genre hit the mark, but NEVES is the perfect choice for any puzzle fan and will capture the imagination and quickly become a favourite."

Expect NEVES to materialise on shop shelves during the next couple of months. We'll have a review for you as soon as it does.

Kath Brice
Kath Brice
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