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Muse Dash is receiving its biggest update yet – here’s what to expect

From new characters to new music, there’s plenty to sing and dance about

Muse Dash is receiving its biggest update yet – here’s what to expect
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The technicoloured mayhem of Muse Dash has been delighting players for three years now, and the rhythm game shows no sign of slowing down. It recently trended on TikTok – garnering 155 million views – and the upcoming Spring Festival update will deliver the biggest flurry of fresh content since its launch.

For those who don’t know, Muse Dash presents you with a cast of anime-styled heroines with which to beat-up baddies – on the beat. During side-scrolling levels, you swipe in time to a soundtrack of up-tempo pop and electronic music, and your chosen girl biffs the weird and wonderful enemies that bounce your way.
With the 5 February update, there’s lots of new Muse Dash content to keep you hooked. Here are the highlights…

Fresh music & new faces

You can look forward to a total of 22 new songs to master – some available off the bat, and others you’ll need to unlock. Many of these are fun collaborations with other projects.

The cross-over with fellow rhythm game Cytus II gives you a purchasable music pack containing 12 new songs, alongside a new welcome screen, and Neko – the cool, cat-eared protagonist – as a playable character. There’s also a new collaborative music pack courtesy of Japanese music label, HARDCORE TANO*C – expect a blitz of bright, fun dance music to furiously swipe along to.

In addition, there’s a new song featuring Inuyama Tamaki, the virtual YouTuber and cross-dressing highschooler (only in Japan!); two playable theme songs from sweet visual novel, Christmas Tina; and a new original track called ‘Magical Wonderland’, available to play for free.

Plus, there are 6 new Easter-egg music sheets to discover and play (hint: try clicking through difficulty levels and see what happens…).

More new pics

This Spring Festival update also spoils you with a load of new visuals.

Firstly, there are five new illustrations to unlock for free as you level up. For fans of illustrator Terada Tera and her cute ‘chibi’ characters, play Muse Dash between 5—18 February to unlock a new welcome screen by her. And by playing through any of the two themes from Christmas Tina, you’ll unlock an exclusive collab illustration.


Big savings

Coinciding with this update, Muse Dash is launching the biggest sale in the game’s history. Set to run from 5—22 February, Muse Dash offers an 85% discount, with the Just As Planned DLC Pass reduced by 35% for iOS, Google Play, and Steam; Nintendo Switch users will be able to pick up the game packaged with the DLC Pass, for 35% off.

Although the game offers loads of content for free, those who wish to expand their soundtrack library, cast of characters and trove of illustrations can take advantage of big savings. You might even want to buy the ‘lifetime pass’, giving you access to loads more current and future content.

All that is to say, spring is the perfect time to jump into the frenetic world of Muse Dash, available on Android, iOS, Steam and Switch. Ready? Set? Go.