Celebrate Thanksgiving MU Origin-style with these limited-time events

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Celebrate Thanksgiving MU Origin-style with these limited-time events

Exclusive in-game rewards throughout the holiday season

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Webzen’s epic MMORPG MU Origin gears up to celebrate Thanksgiving between 17th-22nd November. There’s plenty going on to keep defenders of the realm excited, and to keep you in the know, we thought we’d run down just what these special in-game events will entail.

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Gift Event and Login Event rewards

There are multiple ways to gain exclusive goodies this Thanksgiving, perhaps the simplest of which being by just logging into the game. Do this, and MU Origin will treat you to both a Gift Event and Login Event reward.

The former awaits anyone who logs in during the limited period, while the latter will see players receive daily Collection items by logging in each day. These can then be exchanged with various rewards in the Collection event. Login for 9 consecutive days and you’ll receive the limited footprint costume 'Autumn Fairy Footprint' – obtainable only during the Thanksgiving Day Special Event period.

Sharing, caring, purchasing

Then, as Thanksgiving is a holiday all about sharing, MU Origin is rewarding those who send items using the game’s Gift to Share feature. And if you’re lucky enough to be on the other end of one of those transactions, it’ll be double celebrations, as Mu Origin will also gift you with some exclusive treats. Celebrating Thanksgiving in MU Origin is a move that benefits everyone.

If you want to guarantee exclusive items rather than leave it to chance, fear not, as MU Origin’s King of Purchase special event will allow you to do so. It’s this event that will spoil those who are the top purchasers during the Thanksgiving period with some of the game’s most precious items including Archangel weapons, weapon costumes, and even wings!

Marvellous monsters full of loot

Players who prefer to be rewarded for being proactive can rest easy knowing that there are numerous ways to do so by way of slaying good old fashioned monsters. The first method is what’s known as a Collection Event, where players can hunt monsters and loot Thanksgiving special items to then exchange for various items of their choice.

Then there’s limit-time Boss Hunt events, whereby players can hunt down the special boss monsters that appear in the fields only during Thanksgiving. During the event period, these beasties will have a greater chance of appearing in Noria, giving all the chance to claim the special loots from them. Going for these bigger, badder boss monsters rather than typical grunts removes the need to exchange their dropped items for better ones later, on average.

Black Friday celebrations

Finally, Webzen hasn't forgotten what comes after the Thanksgiving period: Black Friday! So, in further celebrations MU Origin players can enjoy Black Friday limited Sales covering various special items. Remember though, the quantity is limited, meaning you better hurry and get out there quick from 17 November onwards.

With so much going on in MU Origin’s sprawling MMORPG world, you’ll not want to miss these exclusive in-game events.

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