Nintendo Switch is getting its own Monster Hunter exclusive

The people have spoken and Capcom has answered

Nintendo Switch is getting its own Monster Hunter exclusive

Nintendo Switch is getting its first Monster Hunter exclusive in the west this summer, as Nintendo brings Monster Hunter XX to Europe and North America this August as Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate.

The sequel to Monster Hunter Generations for 3DS, Ultimate serves up classic Monster Hunter action with a few new twists and turns. The Switch will allow players to join up on local wireless multiplayer, with the option for online multiplayer as well. Whether you’re on the go, or playing in TV mode, you’ll be able to keep Monster Hunter with you wherever you go. As a neat little bonus, you’ll be able to transfer your Monster Hunter Generations save data to Ultimate.

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Ultimate will set players loose on new explorable areas featuring classic monsters like Nargacuga along with some fresh faces. All of the familiar, addictive Monster Hunter loops are embedded therein, as well. Go on quests to hunt monsters and collect resources before heading back to base to craft a near endless stream of awesome weapons and armor. Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate launches on August 28. While you wait, why not check out these quality Monster Hunter-themed games for mobile?