Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate goes on massive sale again in US and Europe

Monster Hunter, meet bargain hunters.

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate goes on massive sale again in US and Europe

Who doesn't love a good sale?

Well, the person who paid full price for a game obviously - but if you're reading this, chances are good that you haven't picked up Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate yet for your 3DS.

In that case, we've got some good news for you - the US eShop price is currently 50 per cent off from now until 9am PST (Noon EST) on Monday, February 4. That means you can pick up the Pocket Gamer Bronze Award-winner for the just-right price of $19.99 plus tax.

That price also applies to the Wii U version as well, in case you've got one of those kicking around your living room.

EU've got to wait

Meanwhile, a post on Capcom Unity says that Europe's sale starts tomorrow - Friday, January 31 - and will run until February 6.

The sale might not be the same 50 per cent off that we're seeing here in the states, but it's still reported to be "a very significant sale".

We've seen the price of Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate drop this low before, mind, and it's a really tempting opportunity to pick up a game that we called "a substantial and extremely satisfying experience" in our review.

Unfortunately, you'll need to clear up some serious space on your SD card - a download of Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate takes up 14,275 blocks (~1.8GB).

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