Hands-on with Ubisoft's iOS action-puzzler Monster Burner

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Hands-on with Ubisoft's iOS action-puzzler Monster Burner
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Mammoth publisher Ubisoft is launching several iOS games from established franchises over the next couple of months. Thankfully, it's also creating some original titles to go with them. This week we got some hands-on time with Monster Burner, a promising puzzle title coming next month.

Ubisoft compared it to snooker. As a magician, you shoot fireballs at the monster posse advancing to the bottom of the screen. The length of time you spend holding down your finger and the angle you slide it affects the size and direction of the ball.

The game wraps when you defeat all the enemies or have too many bad guys reach the bottom.

The game's physics-based controls are slick and easy to pick up, and they range from simple movements to advanced techniques, such as sliding two fingers across the screen to make a temporary wall of fire.

Rated G

The monsters are more Nickelodeon than Wes Craven, with the default baddie looking like a cuddly, squat alligator. It's obviously aimed at all ages, especially since Ubisoft is including a kids' mode that's easier to play.

There are 40 levels across several worlds. You'll be able to purchase items with points, and a leaderboard will let you chart your fellow players' progress. Ubisoft is already planning three game updates after the release, including a major update a few weeks after launch.

With nice controls and smooth gameplay, Monster Burner has the ingredients of a minor hit. It'll be out on the iPad in early November.