#PGCHelsinki: All of the games at the Very Big Indie Pitch

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#PGCHelsinki: All of the games at the Very Big Indie Pitch
| Mimpi Dreams

The Very Big Indie Pitch has been and gone and with it a lot of games.

A lot of games.

It was a ton of fun though, and we saw plenty of games that are bound to get an avid Pocket Gamer reader's mouth watering.

So thank you to everyone who showed up and let us play their awesome games. Read on for the full round-up.

Mimpi Dreams
By Silicon Jelly

Mimpi Dreams is the sequel to puzzle platformer Mimpi, which launched on iOS and Android back in 2013.

The sequel has much tighter controls, much improved visuals, and a softer difficulty curve.

It's coming to iOS and Android soon.

By Dreamloop Games

Unfortunately, we didn't get a chance to see Glory in action as it's in the early stages of development.

What it is is a gladitorial combat game and it's heading to Steam and possibly mobile as well.

Geometry Race
By Crimson Pine Games

Geometry Race is an endless runner in a similar vein as Race the Sun but with more straightforward mechanics.

You race through a stylised world trying not to crash into one of the many obstacles in a shower of pixel dust.

It's incredibly difficult but you'll want to keep going in a futile attempt to beat your high score.

Ice Lakes
Iceflake Studios

Ice Lakes is a multiplayer open world ice fishing game on its way to mobile.

It's nice and frantic when you're all rushing around trying to find the perfect spot but the fishing itself is very soothing.

Adventures of Flig
Rad Brothers

Adventures of Flig is an ambitious set of minigames revolving around the interesting character Flig.

We played an endless runner in which you had to avoid obstacles on a mine cart track and another which was a play on air hockey.

By Snowhound

Apestorm sees you flying in a steampunk airship dropping bombs on all man-made buildings below to gain points and rescue apes.

Destroy anything natural or kill any fellow apes and you lose points. Simple but appealing.

The Battle of Stem Cell
By Pisamala

The developer described Battle of Stem Cell as Plants Vs. Zombies under a microscope and there really isn't any better way to describe it.

This video is taken of a very early build but the concept is solid.

By Rammin' Speed

In Blobsy, you play as a white cell and have to fire out mucus to capture enemies.

Your health is tied to your mucus meter so you have to try and absorb enemies stuck in mucus to restore it.

Hopping Penguin
By Immobile Games

Hopping Penguin is an auto-runner in a similar vein to Rayman Jungle Run or Fiesta Run but with a larger focus on exploration.

Ultimate Football Manager
By Sugar Cane Mobile

Ultimate Football Manager lived up to its name in terms of tactical options and visuals but fell short in the licencing department.

The developer is working on that though so hopefully you'll be able to play as your favourite team when this one launches.

Element Smash
By CubiJoy Game Studio

Element Smash is a 3D match-three RPG in which you can chain together some insane combos.

If you can manage to chain five of the same coloured orbs together you can carry on the chain using another colour.

By Polybeats Team

Polybeats is a rhythm action tower defence in which you tap to a beat to destroy incoming triangles, circles, squares, and other shapes.

Void of Heroes
By Tunnel Ground

Void of Heroes is a multiplayer mech shooter spin-off of Tunnel Ground, which is itself based on a comic book series of the same name.

Your mech is fully customisable with a range of different pilots, suits, and skills to choose from.

I Need Some Space By Zaubug

I Need Some Space is best described as Asteroids meets Flappy Bird.

You start off in an auto-firing spaceship and have to destroy or avoid all asteroids and enemies in your path.

When you inevitably crash you'll be fired off into space where you have to avoid obstacles in a Flappy Bird style mini-game until you can land in another spaceship and carry on.

By Oriplay

In Lamphead you have to tap to switch to the topside or underside of a pathway to avoid upcoming obstacles.

You also have to keep the lamp on your head topped up by gathering electricity so you can see ahead.

By Musopia

Musicrush is Tiny Wings but played to the rhythm of your favourite track.

It uses the music already on your device to create a wavelength that you roll across in a ball and collect stuff on your way.

By Patrick Doyle

In Corecraft you build your own spaceship and outfit it with a variety of weaponry.

You then take it into the levels and autofire all spaceships in your path to earn money for upgrades.

Mega Tank
By Game Gardens

Mega Tank has you building your own vehicle of destruction then ploughing through a ton of enemies and bosses to earn cash for upgrades.

Get That Cake
By Spyric

Get That Cake is a swipey puzzler in which you have to figure out how to get a character to the cake using the resources dotted around the environment.

By Aittokoski Experience

Pikkuli is a collection of mini-games for children in a similar vein to the Toca games.

It's also based on a cartoon that will launch on TV soon.

Critical Ops
By Critical Force Entertainment

Critical Ops is basically Counter-Strike for mobile.

The controls are fully customisable and it supports full cross-platform play.

Last Planets
By Vulpine Games

Lost Planets takes the gameplay of Clash of Clans and turns it into a fully-fledged MMO on mobile.

You can see every single base on a massive universe and choose which one you want to attack, working as a team to bring down your opponents.

Brawl Bolts
By Fat Lemon

Brawl Bolts is a multiplayer tower defence in which you tap to create a tower, draw defences around it, then swipe to throw a variety of Angry Birds-style projectiles at your opponents.

Tile Tales
By Nordic Edu

Tile Tales challenges you to swipe through a series of numbers to create the highest number possible.

The visuals are lovely and each level unlocks an image of a tile animal in the gallery.

By IgroLab

TactiCraft is a 3D version of SwapQuest basically.

Nice visuals though.

By Orc Work

Evilibrium took the gameplay of Dungelot and added a card-based RPG into the mix.

When you uncover an enemy you're taken into a turn-based battle in which you have to select your favourite cards to beat up the nasty monsters with.

Blown Away
By Black Pants

Blown Away is a puzzle platformer in which you recharge your batteries while moving then tap to teleport to another location in the level.

By Strobotnik

Railoflee was the only VR game on show and challenged you to ride a mine cart and try to dodge branches in your path by moving your head.

Permia Duels
By Seepia Games

Permia Duels is a deep card battler in which you drop cards on a tile based board.

If your number is higher than your opponent's at the point which they touch you gain control of their cards. There's also a rock-paper-scissors mechanic in play.

Space Transfer
By Pied Piper

Space Transfer is kind of like Flappy Bird in space.

You have to tap on either side of the screen to move two platforms and catch astronauts as they fly between two spaceships.

Go! Go! Meatball
By Pasta Games

Go! Go! Meatball takes the difficulty and beautiful pixel visuals of Super Meat Boy but turns it into an auto-runner.

You use the onscreen controls to avoid a variety of obstacles and enemies in your path and rewind right back to the beginning if you get hit.

Football Star
By Bconn Studios

Football Star is an MMO football game that's kind of like New Star Soccer in the sense that you complete matches by performing certain challenges.

So it's a collection of fun mini-games really and you win matches by beating their high scores.

By 34 Big Things

Otto challenges you to control a hamster by pulling two pulleys to direct him away from dangers and towards collectables.

Elder Goo
By Zaibatsu Interactive

Elder Goo is a multiplayer party-based puzzler aimed at kids and adults in which you have to use the strengths of each character to complete puzzles.

By Rockodile

Lowglow is a relaxing puzzler that challenges you to help drips of water get from one point to another by swiping to create platforms for them to bounce off.

Pogo Mad
By Sandy Entertainment

Pogo Mad is an auto-runner in which you have to try and get to the end of a level as quickly as possible without falling down.

There are a few different power-ups to use like jetpacks and rocket pogos.

Non Stop Knight
By Kopla Games

Non Stop Knight is a cross between Tap Titans and Torchlight.

It's basically an auto-dungeon crawler. Your character automatically clears dungeons, beats up enemies, and collects gold which you can use to buy more gear.

Knot Mania
By 2 Think of It

Knot Mania is a puzzler in which you have to try and untie a variety of different challenging knots.

Make More!
By Bad Crane

Make More! is a lovely looking clicker by the talented dev behind RGB Express.

You'll start simple crafting wooden mugs with just one employee and eventually have an entire team of drones working away for you.

Drawn to Light
By BFives

Drawn to Light is a puzzler in which you have to swipe and use the environment to get two dots to a certain point on a grid.

Shadow Bug
By Muro Studios

Shadow Bug takes the visuals of Badland and the combat from Sonic to create a unique and fresh puzzle platformer.

You tap to teleport to an enemy and slash it to pieces and have to chain this into a massive combo until you reach the end of the level, collecting all the orbs on the way for a higher score.

Dead Effect 2
By Badfly Interactive

Dead Effect 2 is a sequel to the gorgeous zombie shooter, Dead Effect.
This one still has zombies but with a sci-fi twist so expect spaceships and the like. The controls are tighter, the action gorier, and the visuals even more impressive.