How to stop the meteor in superb card-based roguelike Meteorfall for iOS and Android

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How to stop the meteor in superb card-based roguelike Meteorfall for iOS and Android
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So you've decided your ultimate goal in life is stopping a giant rock from hitting the earth in Meteorfall? Well that sounds like a pretty noble quest.

It's not going to be easy though. But that doesn't mean you should give up, because we've got a whole load of tips and tricks to make sure that the good guys win the day. It's the sort of thing we like to do around these parts.

Don't overload your deck

This is such an important point that the game keeps telling you about it. But it's really important to hammer home – a bloated deck is a deck that's going to get you killed. Don't just grab all the cards you're offered, think about the value they're adding to your attack and defence.

Think about how they fit in with the class of character you're playing too. A wizard should know better than stocking up on attack cards. But by the same token, culling lower powered spells can be advantageous too.

The Temple and the Blacksmith are your friends

With that in mind, you should always take the chance to visit The Temple and streamline what you've got. Chucking out an underpowered card means that you're going to get something more useful sooner rather than later.

The Blacksmith is often more useful than the shop, especially later in the game. Here you can spend money to make the cards you have stronger. Saving up your cash rather than splurging on new things is a great way to build a powerful deck.

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Know your character

It's important to know what sort of character you're playing. So we've broken them down here for your convenience.
  • Bruno - Bruno is the warrior. The thing to concentrate on with him is his stamina. His cards are pretty expensive, but they pack a punch when you use them right. Sometimes it's a good idea to skip an attack to prepare for an offensive next turn.
  • Greybeard - Greybeard is the wizard. The key things to understand here are charges. Your spell cards don't cost stamina to play, so you shouldn't worry too much about that. Meditating is the key to victory, as it'll give your cards more charges to attack with.
  • Mischief - Mischief is the rogue. With her you should be concentrating on playing as many cards in one round as you can. Up your hour glass with cards and you'll be able to deal massive amounts of damage as you run through your deck.
  • Rose - Rose is a priest and probably the most complex of the characters. She's weak physically, but she can heal, debuff, and do massive shadow damage. Focus on keeping her alive, and smashing the opponent when you get the chance.
Skip and survive

The number of cards you've got left before you hit a boss is displayed in the bottom right of the screen. If you're low on health, it's a good idea to skip the last one before the big fight to give yourself a boost.

You'll get a chunk of health back, which should set you in good stead to take down the bigger bads. Levelling up also refills your health, as does having a rest when you're giving the option. Doesn't matter how hard you hit, life's all about how hard you can get hit and keep going.

The gems

When you complete a game, win or lose you'll get a chunk of gems. You can use these to buy new cards for the four starter decks. It's a good idea to focus on completely powering up one of your characters first.

Find one that you like before you start spending, and you should have enough gems saved up to buy at least one upgrade. You stand a much better chance of getting to the end of the game if you've got all three special cards in your hand to start with.

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