Guardians of the Galaxy - Episode Two: Under Pressure review - the story continues

In terms of episodic adventures, the second episode in the season is the one under the most pressure (no pun intended).

You've made your way through the first episode, weren't wowed by it, but you'll try out the second one just in case it gets any better. The same can be said about TV shows or books.

After a bit of a shaky start it looks like Guardians of the Galaxy is back on course, however, as the second episode cruises on with a more natural feeling. Thank god.

Dancing in the moonlight

Kicking it off the second after Star-Lord comes back from the dead, everyone's freaking out, Hala's still after the Infinity Forge - and your heads - and your ship's pretty broken. Time to go visit your ol' Ravager pal Yondu.

From here you fix up your ship in the nick of time and head back into space. Then you face your first decision of the day: Gamora's path or Rocket's path.

This was definitely the turning point. Where the first part of the episode had been more of the same - badly timed jokes, odd, jolting dialogue, Drax laughing at nothing and randomly eating to create a super weird effect - after you choose your first path the tone changes a bit.

All of the characters seen pretty two-dimensional in the first episode, but Drax and Rocket actually get another couple of layers in this episode.

Drax eats and laughs and acts out because he feels like he hasn't got a purpose now that Thanos is dead, while Rocket is only a terrible wise-ass trying to hide a broke heart after the death of his love.

If you choose to go down Rocket's path, you'll also find new controls to 'hack' things. This adds to the already-rich selection of quick-time controls used throughout the game. Oh, and you get to use that awesome time hologram thing again.

Your decisions have also made new paths already in this episode when it comes to capturing Nebula. If you gave Thanos' body to the Nova Core in episode one, you'll have to fight some Novas and get in a bit of trouble. But, if you gave it to the Collector, things are a little more subdued.

Not to mention the chosen soundtrack is equally as awesome as the first, letting you play 'Dancing in the Moonlight' (King Harvest) as you strut around your ship.

Everybody's feeling warm and bright

As huge as the list of positives are, there are still a couple of negatives.

Something about the timing and delivery of lines still feels off. Whether it's because the accompanying audio is a little jarring or because the audio balance is a little off, I don't know, but it's like someone's just told a joke in a room and no-one laughed.

The graphics are better, probably because you get used to them, but there are still a few hitches as characters' faces switch expressions suddenly, again in a bit of a jolting fashion.

It's such a fine and natural sight

Overall, Under Pressure was everything episode two should have been. Its pacing was good, its story was interesting, and we're getting to know the characters a little deeper.

It may not be perfect, but it's a vast improvement on episode one which was trying too hard to be a great first episode. Under Pressure just shrugged, kicked its feet back, and cracked open a beer.

Let's hope this kind of momentum continues in episode three.

Guardians of the Galaxy - Episode Two: Under Pressure review - the story continues

Under Pressure is everything a second episode should be: interesting, deep, and action-packed
Emily Sowden
Emily Sowden
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