Guardians of the Galaxy episode five review - The end of the road for the Guardians?

It's been a long road but Guardians of the Galaxy has finally come to a close, at least for this season.

This fifth and final episode has some high notes and some bum notes. And the conclusion of the journey feels just a little bit empty.

Don't stop believing

Following the chaotic end to episode four, Peter Quill must now rally the team back together to defeat the vicious supervillain, Hala, before she can destroy Knowhere.

To do this, Mantis takes Peter on a journey through his own mind to find whichever team mate has walked off in a strop.

Moving through lines of dialogue and wooden, too-quick periods of actual play, eventually you find what you need and jog on.

One thing that bothered me at this point is that regardless of which of the two Guardians you've fallen out with, the dialogue isn't tailored.

I don't see why Peter would be looking for one of them when he'd just been standing next to them before Mantis got him.

The gameplay in general is very weak in this episode, weaker than usual for Telltale, and feels a little hashed together.

The redeeming feature here is a big fight scene towards the end which reflects the team's fight with Thanos in episode one.

This quick-time event runs across each of the Guardians, giving the scene a wonderful sense of speed and excitement. I wish there'd been more of these scenes implemented throughout.

The dialogue is where episode five shines brightest. It's the first time we see the characters really gel together. Following a hilarious scene of their first encounter, featuring Peter's glorious facial hair, the team start interacting how I've wanted them to for four episodes.

Each joke sticks the landing, the voice-over artists are brilliant as always, and the speech towards the end made me want to whoop like an intoxicated frat boy.

It's in the aftermath of the main conflict with Hala that things start getting a little static again. In the midst of the action we're thrown back into a memory of Peter and his mum before being dragged out of it to face a delusional Hala.

The following comparison between Peter and Baldin, Hala's son, is about as subtle as a gunshot, and it doesn't hit the target.

Hold on to that feeling

Guardians did a good job throughout the season but not a great one. The wrapping up at the very end feels a little anticlimactic when there'd been such a huge falling out, and everything feels a bit taped together.

The series has also been left open for a potential season two should the opportunity arise, but Telltale needs to think more about its player interaction than just easy things to help speed up episode production.

Guardians of the Galaxy episode five review - The end of the road for the Guardians?

Guardians of the Galaxy has at least remained consistent throughout the series, it's just a shame it didn't end on a bang but rather a whimper
Emily Sowden
Emily Sowden
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