Majesty for Android updated with new levels and enemies

More content now and a skirmish mode planned for later

Majesty for Android updated with new levels and enemies

Herocraft’s rather good Android adaptation of the hit PC strategy series, Majesty: The Fantasy Kingdom Sim has received its first major update today, introducing new levels as well as expand the cast of monsters your heroes will fight against.

As opposed to most (normal) fantasy games, there’s no beating up monsters and finding swords of 2d6+2 here. Well, there is (sort of), but you don’t get to use any of it.

My Kingdom

That’s because you take the role of overseer of the kingdom, offering up bounty for heroes to take up (if they like the sound of the reward) and stocking the markets with health vials when they come limping back.

The game scored a Pocket Gamer Bronze award recently, with the length being one of the concerns levelled at the game, so hopefully this extra content will go some way to correcting this issue.

Herocraft has promised more content, including a skirmish mode, will be added in 'the near future', so we'll keep our eye out for any further updates.

Majesty: The Fantasy Kingdom Sim is available now on the Android Market for £1.99/$3.25 (link) and on the Amazon Appstore for $1.99 (link).

Will Wilson
Will Wilson
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