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Loot and Legends is also heading to Android [Update]

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Loot and Legends is also heading to Android [Update]
Updated on August 6th, 2015 at 16:29: We reached out to Dropforge who confirmed that Loot and Legends will launch on Android and that new content is already under development.

"Yes, we are planning an Android launch for Loot and Legends and have an active roadmap in general to include more language translations, localized content and play modes."

We'll keep you posted on that Android release date.

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The former PC-exclusive virtual tabletop RPG, Loot and Legends, has slashed its way onto iOS.

You'll build up a party of hand-crafted heroes and set out on a papercraft adventure, beating up baddies and gathering loot.

If we're being pernickety, Loot and Legends is actually an adaptation of Card Hunter, the card-based RPG that launched on PC back in 2013.

But this new version has been built from the ground up for mobile so expect some nifty touch screen controls to replace your mouse and keyboard.

Head on over to the App Store [download] to grab Loot and Legend right now for free.