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Little Raiders: Robin's Revenge

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Little Raiders: Robin's Revenge

I like to think that Robin Hood would have lived in a treehouse network as grandiose as the one I've built in Little Raiders.

Mind you, I think my Robin is on a different moral compass to the forest archer of legend. Far too concerned with upgrading his house and spending ransacked pieces of silver to treat his merry men.

My Robin has a splendid pad for himself atop a magical tree. Each acorn he brings his forest sprite friend promotes tree growth, creating room for all manner of houses and facilities in your treehoused community.

Rob from the rich

Each raid you take on rewards you with consumables such as wood, silver, and food for your villagers. Every so often new buildings, weapons, or villagers will also become available in more difficult quests.

Villagers you house become raiders, each of whom can be trained in different classes - initially just archer and swordsman. Over time you unlock other heroes to lead different factions.

This all culminates in a relatively challenging real-time arena battler, where you'll need to switch between archers, swordsmen, and alchemists to weave your way through foes and achieve your goals.

On to the poor

It's quite the looker if you're an admirer of detailed spritework, but Little Raiders's musical loops will grate in an hour or less.

While the wait timers here aren't unreasonable in length, game crashes, always-online server issues, and losing all progress after disconnecting my Facebook account made me give up before Little Raiders caught me in its hooks.

If you're after something to scratch the free-to-play timer-based itch that's a tad more involved than the likes of Tiny Tower and Farmville, Little Raiders is worth a try.

However, in its current state it is tough to devote time to without feeling slightly hoodwinked.

Little Raiders: Robin's Revenge

Little Raiders: Robin's Revenge is a battle-infused progress quest with plenty of potential, but feels a little rushed upon release