New Lego Indiana Jones DS screens unearthed

These are whip-smart

New Lego Indiana Jones DS screens unearthed

Considering the huge success and the huge amount of fun created by the Lego Star Wars games (okay, with one notable exception but TT Games soon corrected that), we're certainly looking forward to the next big film franchise to be Lego-fied by the UK development team: Indiana Jones.

So it's good to see a new set of screenshots being released for the DS version of the game.

We're especially keen to see Indiana's whip in operation – it's a gameplay mechanic that been talked up on the DS as you can control it using your stylus on the touchscreen. Indeed, the first screen states, "Use your whip to swing across some gaps". It rather reminds us of one Lara Croft, who famously was created as a female version of Indy. (You can see the full-sized screens here.)

Digging further into the game, TT Games' head of production Jonathan Smith points out the reason he thinks the film franchise can be turned into an entertaining game.

"One of Indy's main characteristics is his resourcefulness – his ability to use the objects he finds around him in surprising ways, to get out of dangerous situations," Smith comments.

"And that's perfect for a Lego game, where anything is possible. Everything can have surprising uses, and you never know what's coming next…"

Lego Indiana Jones, for DS and PSP, is expected sometime during the summer.

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