Tomb Raider bounces onto Nintendo platforms

Publisher reveals what we told you in March

Tomb Raider bounces onto Nintendo platforms

Eidos has just officially confirmed what Pocket Gamer readers have known for over a month: Tomb Raider: Legend is coming to the Nintendo DS and GBA.

The publisher confirmed the Nintendo versions will arrive this autumn. But it's still not revealed what studio is developing the DS and GBA outings of the critically lauded game, which is currently a massive hit on PlayStation 2 and Xbox.

Nor has it added anything about the actual gameplay, such as how Tomb Raider: Legend will use the DS' touch-screen. We're simply promised 'dynamic controls, Lara's fluid movement system, engaging puzzles, and gorgeous environments'.

"There are a host of new and exciting features for Lara on the Nintendo platforms," added Eidos' Kathryn Clements. "With the stunning graphics of the original games optimised to Nintendo's platforms, Legend will further extend the reach of the Lara universe."

(Hmm. We'd imagine Stephen Hawking would have something to say about the reach of Lara's universe, Kathryn).

If you want to get your hands on Lara Croft before autumn, the PSP version is due out in May.

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