Kirby Ultra Super Deluxe coming to DS

Classic SNES game Kirby's Fun Pak makes unexpected return

Kirby Ultra Super Deluxe coming to DS
| Kirby Super Star Ultra

It looks like DS is about to get its third Kirby starring game, and for once it's something that the older ones amongst us might remember from first time around.

Following Kirby Squeak Squad and Touch! Kirby on DS, Nintendo has announced Kirby Ultra Super Deluxe (that's the excellent Japanese title which, unfortunately, is likely to undergo a change before the game shows up in the west) – a remake of a SNES game known as Kirby's Fun Pak 8-in-1 (told you) here in the UK when it was released back in 1997.

Kirby's developer, HAL Laboratory, is currently working on the game. The screenshots point at it being very similar to the SNES original, with five main games supported by a handful of mini-games.

In the SNES version, these were mainly 2D platformers and included Spring Breeze (an updated version of Kirby's Dream Land) and The Great Cave Offensive – a treasure chest collecting game featuring some cameos from other Mario world characters.

Few firm details have materialised about this DS outing, but it's been suggested it'll be released in Japan sometime in 2008. One screenshot does show the DS wireless icon, so it's almost certain the game will support multiplayer – something that'll suit the simple game compilation well.

Unsurprisingly, a UK release hasn't yet been confirmed, but fans of the expression-restricted pink blob should rest assured it's more than likely to eventually make it over here. We'll keep you updated.

Kath Brice
Kath Brice
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