Papery puzzle game Kami unfolds on to Android for free

Extra levels added to iOS for a price

Papery puzzle game Kami unfolds on to Android for free
| Kami

The Silver Award-winning papery puzzle game Kami is now available for Android for free.

Kami has you touching parts of a colourful pattern to fill in areas with colour. The idea is to overtake the screen with just one of the colours, and the challenge is to complete each level in the minimal number of moves.

Kami is memorable for its origami art and papery aesthetic. The developer use photos and sounds of real paper, to give the game a realistic feel.

In our review we said: "A smooth and soothing puzzler, Kami still offers a decent challenge to anyone who wants to go for a perfect score".

You can download Kami for Android on Google Play [download] for free. It is still £1.49 / $1.99 on the App Store [buy], however.

State of Play also tell us that extra levels have recently become available for Kami. They're being sold in the Premium Packs for both iOS and Android, and those cost 69p / 99c each.

Chris Priestman
Chris Priestman
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