Here are 5 mobile games we'd love to see turned into board games

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Here are 5 mobile games we'd love to see turned into board games

We've written quite a lot in these hallowed interweb pages about the board games we'd like to see making their way to digital. But today I thought I'd take a moment and shake things around a bit.

Sure, the likes of Jaipur (buy on iOS / Android) might do a great job of translating real-world mechanics into digital, but what mobile games would we like to see being turned into games we can play on actual table tops?

Well I've sponked a few suggestions into this list, and if you've got your own then feel free to add them in the comments. Not
Angry Birds though, because that already exists.

Titanfall: Assault
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How good would it be to have a tabletop skirmish game set in the Titanfall universe? Imagine how cool the Titan miniatures would be. Stomping around, shooting things by rolling dice.

There's definitely scope to expand as well. Rather than just 1v1 games, you could have 2v2. Or even four player battle royales. And all filled with giant robots. I love giant robots.

The Room

Okay, I'm not suggesting that The Room game would just be a puzzle box that you need to open, although that would be pretty cool. Instead I'm thinking along the lines of a less rubbish Cluedo.

You need to solve mysteries in creepy Victorian locations, using cards that represent the various skills you use in The Room to get to the bottom of suspicious goings-on.

Frozen Synapse

It's going to be difficult to translate Frozen Synapse's turn-based real-time strategy into board game form, but if anyone managed it it would be pretty damn sweet.

I guess it'd sort of work like a more complex, top-down Colt Express. But with less cowboys and an awful lot more violence.

Card Crawl

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Yeah this one's a bit of a cheat, but how cool would it be to have a physical copy of Card Crawl. The box could include all three of the games that have come out in the series so far.

You could even throw in rule variants so that the game can be played by more than one person. Now that would make for a pretty exciting table top session.

Tiny Tower

In my head this one's a mix between Jenga and a worker placement game. You need to physically build the tower, but also make sure that it's populated in the best possible ways.

Obviously your opponent is trying to get their own workers into the best rooms. And then eventually the tower falls over and all the little people inside die. Which now I think of it is actually pretty damn sad.