An up-close look at Netmarble’s Iron Throne: Battle Royale & Team Deathmatch mode

A fort to be reckoned with

An up-close look at Netmarble’s Iron Throne: Battle Royale & Team Deathmatch mode

With Iron Throne, South Korean developer Netmarble has made its first forays into the world of strategy war games – and it’s exciting stuff. There’s an enormous map populated with warring citadels to join, your very own kingdom to build, and more game modes than you can shake a dirk at.

We’ve already taken a look at the Dimensional Battle and Town Quest modes here. Let’s move on to Battle Royale & Team Deathmatch, where much of Iron Throne’s PVP thrills and spills take place. Read on, descendant of the Firstborn.

Battle Royale

When you first jump into Iron Throne, you’ll notice quite a few of the modes are only available once you reach a certain level – a nice incentive to progress, but it also means you get to grips with the basics first. By the time you’ve levelled your citadel up to 12, you’ll be ready for Battle Royale. Unlike battles with rival citadels in the main map, this PVP mode won’t cost you troops or resources. 20 lords including you compete in a free-for-all fight to the last man. Whoever’s still standing at the end of it is the overall winner. Aside from not costing you anything, Battle Royale puts all competing lords on an equal footing at the outset; your skills, equipment, Heroes and research aren’t factored in. That means success isn’t about your level or your loot, it’s about your strategy. Plus, there are some nice rewards up for grabs which will help you in the main game – so you’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Team Deathmatch

No prizes for guessing what Iron Throne’s Team Deathmatch mode entails. Unlocked once your citadel is level 14, this tournament puts you in an alliance with 20 lords, challenged to defeat a rival team of the same. As with Battle Royale, not only is there no risk of losing troops or resources, you all begin on an equal footing in terms of stats and powers. That shifts all the focus onto strategy – in this case, how well you work co-operatively to take down enemy lords. Work in unison to tackle major threats first, and you’ll come out on top, but pull in different directions and your opponents can easily take advantage. It’s the pain-free way to practice your battle skills – and you can expect plenty of rewards for your troubles.

Battle Royale and Team Deathmatch are just two of the game modes for you to discover in Iron Throne. You can also dive into Dimensional Battle for its tactical PVE stand-offs and complete quests in Town Mode to uncover the deeper story behind the Capital War plaguing the land. But in the end, your main aim is to build the biggest, baddest kingdom around, fortified by the toughest troops – and a dragon, naturally.

Have a read of our beginner’s guide to Iron Throne, and our tips and tricks on growing your citadel and defeating your foes. Then take up the challenge and test your skills against the world in Netmarble’s Iron Throne, available to download for free from the App Store and Google Play.