4 reasons to play Iron Throne - an MMO strategy fit for a king

Royal rumble

4 reasons to play Iron Throne - an MMO strategy fit for a king

Fresh off the back of its success with Lineage 2: Revolution, South Korean mobile game publisher Netmarble has forged an alliance with developer 4Plat and rolled out its latest MMO-strategy hybrid Iron Throne on mobile devices.

Death matches, cutting-edge visuals, narrative components - this genre-splicing offering has it all, but if that isn’t enough to convince you to download Iron Throne right now, here are four more reasons why it will earn your royal seal of approval.

Battle Royale across various modes

The ultimate goal in Iron Throne is to become the king of the world, a feat that can only be achieved by forging alliances and waging war across its numerous battle-focused modes. From team deathmatch to battle royale, variety is the name of this game.

There are three battle modes on offer: Battle Royale, Team Deathmatch and Dimension Battle which take place on vast battlefields and call for dynamic tactical input from players.

Out there on the battlefield, you’ll need the skill and focus of a chess master. Players must strategically place their units in starter positions and drag and drop them where they’re needed, based on their unique attributes, once the combat kicks off.

Don’t want to risk losing any of your prized units? Team Deathmatch and Battle Royale modes are basically dressed rehearsals you can take part in without sacrificing any resources.

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A time for heroes

Along with its broad range of battle modes, Iron Throne also offers greater diversity among its heroes than you’d traditionally see in conquest games on mobile. Not only are they visually unique, their individual traits can alter the course of skirmishes.

For instance, placing certain heroes in your castle will help you build up structures much faster, while others are more useful on the frontline, in command of your armies. Familiarising yourself which each hero’s attributes and how they translate to the battlefield is a must here, adding another string to Iron Throne’s tactical bow.

Role-playing elements

Iron Throne doesn’t just combine MMO and strategy elements into one tactically-rich package. It also throws in role playing components for good measure. Heroes can be levelled up by playing though narrative-driven quests, and boosting their stats this way will have far-reaching implications on future battles.

There’s also a fully-fledged crafting system, though which players can improve in-game items and weaponry, giving them another means of customising and tooling up their heroes.

Unreal 4-powered visuals

Are you tired of the simplistic, cartoony visuals seen in most mobile conquest games? If so, Iron Throne will look and feel like a refreshing change, with its rich, Unreal 4-powered graphics. The game is based on the same engine as PUBG Mobile and benefits from the same well-rendered textures and detailed 3D backdrops.

The developers have gone for a realistic aesthetic reminiscent of the earlier entries in the Total War series on PC, albeit with fantasy themes weaved into the equation. It’s a design that is sure to strike a chord with players, especially mature gamers.
Iron Throne is available to download from Google Play and the App Store now.