Man's best friend is here to help you in the latest update to Into the Dead

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Man's best friend is here to help you in the latest update to Into the Dead
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Zombies are everywhere nowadays. It's a scientifically proven made-up fact that 87 percent of the people reading this post are in fact flesh-munching heralds of Armageddon.

Pretty soon, games like PikPok's Silver Award-winning endless undead avoider Into the Dead will be considered simulators rather than escapist experiences.

It's probably worth getting some practice in now, then, to be honest.

And thanks to PikPok's latest update to its gloriously straightforward zombie game, there's never been a better time to weave and shoot through hordes of reanimated corpses.

In this new update, which is available on the App Store and Google Play right now, the New Zealand-based studio introduces two new perks into the game.

After activating the Canine Companion perk, you run with an angry-looking German Shepherd who likes nothing more than sprinting ahead and causing some mayhem among the ranks of the undead.

The second perk, meanwhile, can be activated in Massacre Mode and is called Exploding Barrels. Guess what it does? Yep. With one well-placed shot, you can kill a dozen zombies in one fell swoop.

In this latest update, PikPok has also added a new Facebook leaderboard system, so you can show all of your social networking friends how much longer you're going to survive than they are when the zombie apocalypse finally begins.

The update is available right now for Android and iOS devices. If you've always wanted a dog or a barrel as a pet but your guardians wouldn't let you, you should download it straight away.

Harry Slater
Harry Slater
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