Chillingo not totally sold on IAP, should be deployed on case-by-case basis says co-GM Joe Wee

One model doesn't fit all

Chillingo not totally sold on IAP, should be deployed on case-by-case basis says co-GM Joe Wee

As enlightening as Distimo's 72/4 IAP claim about Apple App Store revenues claim might have been for journalists, publishers and developers seem less impressed.

We've already heard from Cut the Rope developer ZeptoLab that it will keep to its existing strategy, while others in the industry seem happy to regard IAPs as an additional revenue driver, rather than the be-all-and-end-all.

Now Joe Wee, co-general manager at publisher Chillingo, has told that publishers should never choose to support IAPs indiscriminately.

Even if the stats suggest they're a key revenue driver, they won't work on every title on the market, he says.

All about experience

"Chillingo works closely with indie developers to identify the best monetisation opportunities for our titles," said Wee in an email.

"In-app purchases are a good solution that are gaining popularity. However, it's important to evaluate the type of app it is and if it improves the consumer gameplay experience."

Wee says the main consideration when determining whether IAPs will work in a game or not has to be if consumers will successfully engage with them – revenue won't be generated in players don't see the point of the purchases.

"We always strive to put the consumer first and delivering the optimal gaming experience for them," concludes Wee.

"Therefore, we view in-app purchases on a case by case basis that varies for each title."

Some of Chillingo's biggest published titles on the App Store – Angry Birds and ZeptoLab's Cut the Rope included – now sport in-app purchases, though the firm has only dabbled with freemium releases, having re-launching Monster Mayhem in July.

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