Infinity Blade update to add new areas, enemies, and weapons next week

Multiplayer not coming until next year

Infinity Blade update to add new areas, enemies, and weapons next week
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The first of a planned series of updates to sword-fighting game Infinity Blade is scheduled for release next week.

Speaking with Joystiq, developer ChAIR detailed new weapons, armour, areas, enemies, and a raise to the level cap in the forthcoming update.

Five new weapons, shields, and helmets will be introduced, as well as a new armour set. The level cap will be raised to 45, which is necessary to account for a new enemy.

Called the Marrow Fiend (pictured at the right), the hardened foe wields a serrated blade and thick shield. It fits in nicely among the other scary-looking bad guys working for the God King.

Also promised are new areas including castle dungeons. Opening up the game to different areas should address one of our few criticisms of this otherwise enjoyable game.

When asked about multiplayer, ChAIR decline to provide more information, instead confirming that it won't appear until sometime in 2011. Before multiplayer is added to the game, another batch of content will be released in a free update.

Infinity Blade is currently available for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad as a universal download for £3.49/$5.99.
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