Chair announces details of multiplayer Infinity Blade: Arena update

Also contains Survivor mode, new items, Facebook integration and leaderboards

Chair announces details of multiplayer Infinity Blade: Arena update
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The multiplayer update to Chair Entertainment's Infinity Blade is finally upon us - well, due on Thursday May 19.

In what's being called a 'massive update', there will be new play modes, additional items for the single player campaign, and - of course - the multiplayer mode.

Sharper sword

In multiplayer, you'll take the role of a huge titan or a brave knight - alternating each round in the best-of-seven matches - and challenge your friends to head-to-head matches via Apple's Game Center.

You can also upgrade your abilities inbetween rounds using the awarded gold - or gold you've bought (after all a third of Infinity Blade's revenues comes from IAP).

In terms of single player action, there will also be a new Survivor mode, in which you'll fight as many titans as you can before you get cut down.

There will be plenty more content in terms of Holiday Helms, more than two dozen magic rings, swords, shields and helmets to collect, better Facebook integration so you can view your character via your profile and take screengrabs to share, plus new achievements and leaderboards.

And if you want to find out more, Chair Entertainment's Donald and Geremy Mustard and senior producer Simon Hurley will be doing an official Facebook interview today (May 17) at 4.30 EST (8.30 GMT).