Inferno+ is burning up Android - on Google Play now

Feel the burn

Inferno+ is burning up Android - on Google Play now
| Inferno+

With its blend of twin-stick shooter action, and persistent RPG-style level up system, Inferno+ really impressed us when it released on iOS last year.

Now Android owners can also join in the fun, as Radiangames's neon soaked shooter hits Google Play today.

Giving it a Pocket Gamer Silver award, we said Inferno+'s "mix of bite-sized levels and compulsive queue of bigger and better upgrades makes it much harder to put down than any of the developer's previous games."

On fire

Inferno+ features 40 maze-like stages to blast through, with a handful of difficulty levels and achievements to keep things varied, as you try and unlock the game's vast array of weapons.

This is also joined by Scorched mode. This offers a 90 second score attack on a randomly generated stage, to keep you coming back even after you are burnt out on the main game.

At £1.49 we would recommend that twin-stick action fans shoot over to Google Play now to pick up Inferno+.