Glu Mobile offers topdown zombie defence strategy in freemium iOS game Infected

Breaking the waves

Glu Mobile offers topdown zombie defence strategy in freemium iOS game Infected
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It's going to be a busy December for Glu Mobile, which has at least more three games about to be released in the month, but one that sneaked out late last week is worth checking out.

As with all of Glu's games Infected - which is developed by Rogue Rocket Games - is a hardcore free-to-play title that has you protecting groups of citizens from waves of zombie hordes.

So far, so much Contract Killer: Zombies you might be thinking.

But unlike that 3D shooter, Infected is a topdown strategy game that has you placing protective forces around the helpless civilians, as well as positioning objects such as cars to create barriers to hold back the living dead.

Spend to advance

Of course, the point of the exercise is that you'll use real money to upgrade your guns, units and vehicles quicker than you do via gameplay, but aside from the business model, it's good to see developers playing around with freemium concepts, in particular offering more than the standard time management, Ville or Mafia-style experiences.

There's also the option to play four-player multiplayer matches.

Another nice touch is that if you use the Facebook Connect option in the game (also OpenFeint and Game Center), it will use your friends' photos for the citizens' icons that you're saving - as well as encouraging you to tell your friends all about it on Facebook too. Win-win right?

Infected is available now for iPhone and iPad.

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